This time of pandemic it pays a lot to live in a cheap condo. These are the5 reasons why it pays to live in one.

A cheap condo for rent Singapore option is rare. Due to Singapore’s limitations in terms of physical land and livable parcels, finding a $1000 rental for studio apartment in Singapore is unlikely. There have been a number of high rise buildings and skyscrapers that have been filling Singapore’s airspace pretty rapidly over the past few years. The desire for locals and foreigners to find a condo for rent Singapore property became desirable. A condominium is contemporary, convenient, economical, and practical. Finding a $1000 rental for studio apartment in Singapore may be the dream for many individuals. That is considered a cheap condo unit in Singapore. There are many advantages when it comes to living in a condo for rent Singapore property. 

Renting a condominium is usually popular with young professionals, starting out couples and the working class citizens. They are the style of modern day living in Singapore. Finding a condo for rent Singapore option can give you a sense of the luxurious lifestyle. Even though the high in-demand condominiums are way more affordable than landed properties, there are still individuals who are not convinced of the practicality and value of them. In this article, we will be clearing your hesitations and talking about 5 advantages of living in a cheap condo unit in Singapore. 

#1 Safety and security 

Unlike the public housing system in Singapore, all condominiums are required to have security on standby 24 hours. Therefore, even if you were to live in a cheap $1000 rental for a studio apartment in Singapore, you will be guaranteed safety and security in some shape or form. There is really no such thing as a very cheap condo unit in Singapore due to the precious land and limited space. However, that depends on what numbers you would see as cheap. 

Forestville for example, is a newly developed condominium in Singapore that has a $1000 rental for studio apartment in Singapore. It also has a tight security system in place. They are equipped with gated facilities, a lobby guard, surveillance cameras, roving personnel and 24/7 security guards. They will be able to guarantee your safety and the overall security of the building as well. Living in a condo for rent Singapore option will give you a peace of mind. Visitors must be registered before entering the premises. 

#2 Premier facilities

When you find a condo for rent Singapore apartment, you will be able to enjoy their great facilities without having to spend too much from your pockets. You can find a $1000 rental for studio apartment in Singapore and enjoy the swimming pool, gym, garden, lounge area and more. They are shared facilities however only available to residents and are maintained well by the condo’s staff. In this case, you wouldn’t have to pay for any entrance fees to just use the facilities. This is what will make your monthly rent all worth it. 

#3 Low maintenance fees 

Condominiums are known to be small. They are limited in size which means there is lesser consumption. It is relatively cheap to maintain condominiums when it comes to paying monthly utility bills, or cleaning and furnishing. When you are looking for a $1000 rental for a studio apartment in Singapore, be prepared for a small space. A space like this wouldn’t likely be suitable for families. You won’t need to maintain any roofs or huge spaces. Therefore maintenance fees are kept low. Some condo for rent Singapore units include the wifi and utilities bills. This will be dependent on the landlord. However, that way you can save a lot on expenses. 

#4 High investment potential 

Condos are usually situated in prime areas and therefore the real estate value will make all your money that you invest in it worth it. In comparison to landed properties, a condo for rent Singapore option for example will appreciate in price slowly. However there are a few condos for sale in what you call a sought-after area. You can see owners raise the selling price due to the demand of condominiums in the market. This means that the condominiums will be of a high-value asset. That is why it is not usually common to find cheap condos for rent in Singapore. A condominium cost quite a big amount to buy, and renting it has to have a reasonable ratio to how much they would sell it for. 

#5 Close to public transport 

Another advantage of living in a condo in Singapore would be the close proximity of the property itself to the public transport options. It is very common for most developments to be near to an MRT station or bus stations that are nearby. Condominiums also offer a safe space for those to park their car if they are a resident. Therefore, whether you are a car owner or a commuter, you will always have connectivity at a condominium. 


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