Nowadays, markets are flooded with cosmetic products from various popular brands. Well, before all these branded products, for many, many years, natural remedies derived from all sorts of natural ingredients were utilized, and the results had always been astonishing.

Nowadays, markets are flooded with cosmetic products from various popular brands. From shampoos to soaps to lotions to masks, there are tonnes of companies manufacturing all sorts of products for your skin and hair’s benefit. However, what we forget often is that these big brands and products didn’t even exist till a few hundred years ago. Humans have been alive for much longer, but they weren’t all brandishing acne-covered, shriveled up, dull skin & greasy, thin, dirty hair. Well, before all these branded products, for many, many years, natural remedies derived from all sorts of natural ingredients were utilized, and the results had always been astonishing. A lot of people have kept some of these traditional skincare and hair care solutions alive, and we’re going to introduce you to some of the very best natural remedies that have stayed reliant and resilient against the test of time.

 Hair Care

  • Onion Juice, Coconut Oil & Aloe Vera Gel

All three of the ingredients in this magical hair solution are amazing for hair in their own right. Onions are packed with many beneficial nutrients that help make hair much healthier, and onion juice has a reputation for accelerating your hair growth for thick, luscious hair. Coconut oil on the other hand is well known in the hair care industry for its miraculous hydrating, nourishing, growth-promoting and softening abilities. Aloe vera gel is excellent for detoxifying your hair thoroughly, alongside providing a multitude of additional nutrients. All of these mixed together results in an astounding concoction that can, on it’s own, completely renew your hair, making it much thicker, healthier, softer and shinier. It’s very easy to make as well! Onions can simply be blended to produce onion juice, aloe vera gel can be purchased or extracted from an aloe vera plant, and coconut oil is readily available in stores.

  • Yogurt And Almond Oil

As we all know, dairy products consist of all the protein goodness one could ask for, and yogurt contains even more protein than other dairy products. Just like your body, your hair requires nutrients to stay healthy as well, and protein is majorly required to repair, strengthen and nourish hair. Applying yogurt to your hair is an impeccable way to achieve that, and adding almond oil to the mix takes it to a whole different level. Almond oil has an overwhelming amount of nutrients, and it’s great for adding buttery softness to your hair, along with a luxurious shine. The benefits of both, yogurt and almond oil together, give way to an unparalleled hair care remedy that can truly transform your hair! Yogurt is likely to be already present in your fridge, and almond oil can be purchased from any store, or even simply ordered from Saeed Ghani.

Skin Care 

  • Multani Mud Powder

Multani mud powder, also known as fuller’s earth, is a heavenly solution to many skin care problems, with results that are completely unrivalled by most branded products. Multani mud powder’s absorbent properties are out of this world. It soaks in oil, impurities, bacteria, and more like none other, making it an amazing exfoliator and cleanser. Not only that, its also fantastic for soothing and healing acne, inflammation and scars, to the point where it was even utilized by soldiers in World War II to soothe the inflammation in their feet. As amazing as all that is, that’s far from all. Multani mud also completely rejuvenates your skin, resulting in an upgrade to complexion and the birth of a fresh vibrance to skin. It’s also great for hydrating your skin, resulting in your skin being exceptionally soft. Multani mud powder or fuller’s earth isn’t the easiest to get your hands on, especially an all-natural version specifically for skin care, but as always, Saeed Ghani has got your back with an excellent multani mud powder product in their skin care collection.

  • Honey & Milk

Honey is one of nature’s most amazing gifts to us: tastes amazing and it’s great for your skin as well! Honey is a bundle of nutrient-dense goodness, and there’s nothing like it for absolute hydration, nourishment and moisture. Honey also adds a celestial glow to your skin, making it luminous and ethereal. The addition of milk adds a whole different spectrum of nutrients including various nutrients, especially proteins and calcium. Milk also happens to be an amazing cleanser, completely and thoroughly cleaning the entirety of your skin. Not only that, but the fats in milk are also unique in how well they hydrate your skin, resulting in a whole lot of softness. The mixture of these two provides the one step solution to smooth, glowing, magical skin.

  • Tomato Juice

Tomatoes have benefits that are wildly underrated in skin care. They have the ability to actually manipulate the size of your pores, tightening them to give you almost impenetrable immunity against acne, marks and blemishes. Not only that, but tomato juice can actually reverse tanning and get you back to your prime complexion, along with reversing any discoloration on your skin as well. Tomato juice is particularly effective for oily skin, as it regulates the oil production in your skin, ensuring that an overwhelming amount is not produced.

As we’re sure it’s clear to you by now, nature has some otherworldly gems that truly deserve their own place in your skin care and hair care routine alongside the cosmetic branded products you already own. Using both, natural and synthetic products will help give an edge over everyone else and it’ll give you undeniably beautiful skin and amazing hair as well.


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