Surecool is the leading Aircon maintenance and repair company in Singapore. We have been servicing the aircons of Singaporeans for over 10 years. Enquire Book now 65 86538092

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Forced air systems are generally critical to us, particularly on hot days. In the event that your aircon runs extra time without keeping up with, It happens more significant issues happen. When the issues start to manifest, you can not partake in the full capacity of your climate control system inside your home during the warm seasons. Here we help you why your aircon deals with the issue and how to fix it. 


  1. Water spill Issue : 


A water spill issue can cause by numerous different issues, for example, filthy 


climate control systems, buildup, Algae, and some more. At the point when you 


notice your aircon spilling water, you should enlist proficient 


specialized help, they will figure out your issue rapidly. 


  1. Aircon Refrigerant Gas Leakage : 


At the point when you aircon gas spill, It has numerous different manifestations surfacing. 


One is aircon blowing hot air, another is aircon not cold. On the off chance that your 


aircon spills gas in any parts around the climate control system, you will require 


to contact an expert aircon fix organization to investigate. 


  1. Filthy aircon Filter: 


A grimy air channel diminishes the capacity of the framework to cool the air 


successfully. A stopped up air channel confines the wind stream, diminishing the 


productivity of your aircon. You ought to consistently check your air channel and 


overhauling your aircon through a profoundly experienced specialized individual 


to keep away from this issue. 


  1. Frozen Evaporator Coil : 


The evaporator loop freezes when your forced air system doesn't 


get sufficient air required by a cooling framework to 


work. It happens making your aircon freeze up then it may stop 


working. To keep away from this issue you should support your aircon 




  1. Indoor regulator Problem : 


On the off chance that your aircon Thermostat doesn't work as expected, It might happen a 


cooling issue. You won't get cooling accurately, now and then 


the aircon completely stops the cooling mode. At the point when you notice this 


issue you can call proficient specialized help, they will 


effectively set your indoor regulator issue. 


The above aircon issues are brought about by when you not adjusting your 


aircon  appropriately. To defeat this significant issue you ought to support 


your aircon. surecool aircon administration organization gives the best 


adjusting for all aircon issues through experienced specialized specialists. 


And furthermore you might get the best yearly aircon adjusting contract at the best offers.

Enquire Book now 65 86538092

Surecool is the leading Aircon maintenance and repair company in Singapore. We have been servicing the aircons of Singaporeans for over 10 years. Surecool is the one stop solution for your air conditioning units. We are dedicated to providing all our customers with quality Air conditioning services always - whether you purchase an air conditioner from us or not.Enquire Book now 65 86538092


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