Our Laser Land Leveler Saves irrigation water through precise leveling because water reaches at each end of the field.

Laser Land Leveler

This Laser Land Leveler has formed a rebellion in the farming field. In agricultural and landscaping, we do land leveling to improve the competence of water and manure nutrients and to perk up the crop stand and yields. Usually, it was done by using plankers strained by draft animals that are annoying and prolonged. Therefore, this new technology of using laser-equipped drag buckets is bringing in the industry for leveling the land facade. This system is well prepared with laser-guided instrumentation to shift the soil either by cutting or filling, creating the preferred grade or level.

Furthermore, Malik Argo Industries is the market leader of the tractor manufacturing in Pakistan. Along with tractors Malik Argo Industries equipment is also measured the top quality in Togo and Tanzania. Moreover, they are producing a gigantic variety of agricultural implements. In addition, laser land leveler decreases the cost of operation through its resourceful working. It ensures a superior scale of exactness in much lesser time.  Our Laser Leveler Saves irrigation water through precise leveling because water reaches at each end of the field.  It determines standardized seed germination and increases compost usefulness and resultantly improves crop yield.

Advantages Of Laser Land Leveling Over Predictable Land Leveling

  • Uniform moisture environment for crops
  • Lesser weeds in the field
  • Good germination and growth of the crop
  • Uniformity in crop maturity
  • Bargain seed rate, chemicals, fertilizers, and fuel necessities
  • Reduction in time and water for irrigation
  • Uniform distribution of water
  • Less water consumption in land preparation
  • Precise level and smoother soil surface
Importance of Land Laser Leveling

As a result, laser leveling of agricultural land is the current resource-conservation technology. It has the latent to alter the way food is formed by ornamental the resource-use effectiveness of critical inputs with no worrying and destructive effects on the creative pliability of the ecosystem. Despite numerous direct and not direct benefits derivative from laser land leveling technology, it is yet to become a well-liked agricultural perform in the increasing and undersized countries. For accelerating its popularization and extensive implementation, it requires numerous well-considered and harmonized research, lean-to, participatory, financial, and policy initiatives keeping in vision the enduring sustainability of our fabrication systems.

The popularization of this technology amid farmers in a participatory mode on a wide-ranging scale, therefore, needs suitably focused concentration on a priority basis along with mandatory support from researchers and planners. The change in our dream of future farming regarding food and nutritional sanctuary, ecological wellbeing, and globalization of markets demands to progress resource-use efficiency significantly to arrive at the preferred enlargement levels in food fabrication and agricultural production. Laser leveling is one of the ways by which we can tackle these issues to a huge level.

Land Force Laser Land Leveler

It is leveling the field in a clear-cut measure of the ideal grade utilizing a guided laser ray all through the field. The roughness of the soil surface has an important impact on the germination, position, and complies of crops. Farmers also identify this and therefore dedicate substantial time resources in leveling their fields correctly. However, traditional methods of leveling land are unwieldy, protracted as well as luxurious.


  • Boost Productivity
  • Save Irrigation water up to 40%
  • Diminish weed in the agriculture filed.
  • Save fuel, electricity used in irrigation.
  • Enlarge yield by 30%   
Components Of Laser Leveling System

A laser-controlled land leveling system consists of the following 5 major mechanisms:

  1. Drag Scrapper/bucket:

The drag bucket can be also a 3-point linkage mounted on or pulled by a tractor. This system is favored as it is easier to attach the tractor’s hydraulic system to a peripheral hydraulic by the 3-point-linkage system.

  1. Laser transmitter:

The laser transmitter rises on a tripod, which allows the laser beam to clear on top of the field.

  1. Laser receiver:

The laser receiver is a multi-directional receiver that identifies the place of the laser orientation plane and transmits this signal to the control box.

  1. Control box:

The control box recognizes and processes signals from the machine mounted receiver. It displays these signals to point out the drag buckets' spot comparative to the refined grade.

  1. Hydraulic system:

You can use hydraulic system of the tractor to provide oil to hoist and inferior the leveling bucket.

 Who We Are

Malik Argo Industries Works is a well-known Manufacturer, and Trader of a broad range of Hydraulic Tractor Trolley, Mud Loader, Straw Reaper, Agricultural Implements, Seed Drill, Straw Chopper, Reversible MB Plough, Land force Subsoiler, Agriculture Rotavator, Agriculture Thresher and much more. Our vendors utilize the most up to date machinery to carry out creation and other allied processes faultlessly. We work as a squad inconsiderate the requirements of the customers, maintenance each other’s business wellbeing intact so that we could convey products at the exact time.

Laser Land Leveler | Malik Agro Industries | Laser Land Leveling System

Laser Land Leveler | Malik Agro Industries | Laser Land Leveling System
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