Exploring small business ideas for kids has many benefits. Your kids can start their own business. This not only teaches responsibility but also gives them life skills they can use later in life.

The most common misconceptions youngsters and parents have about starting a small business revolved around skills and finances. Many young people wish to start a small business, but often they feel they do not have the financial resources or skills to fuel this dream. 

However, there are many small business ideas for kids that a young person can implement today with only a couple of weeks of spare cash. With this much money available for small business ideas for kids, why wouldn't any young person jump at the chance? Here are some great ideas:

Small Business Ideas for Kids

Catering Service

Starting a catering service is one of the more popular small business ideas for kids because it involves minimal startup costs. All you need to get started with a catering service is some extra money, a vehicle, and the ability to work from home. 

It is a good idea for teenagers starting in college because it gives them a chance to experience the business first hand. However, in many cases, catering services are not only for young people.

Selling Products on eBay.

A popular small business idea for teenagers is selling products on eBay. Of course, this requires you to have a product to sell, but it also typically allows you to work from home. You don't even need a storefront.

 If you are good at photography or cooking, you can set up an online store using free platforms like WordPress. eBay is a great place to start, but you can consider starting a store instead.

Rooster Farming

One example of great small business ideas for kids is starting a rooster farming business. Roosters are considered a large market by many consumers. 

Roosters are so famous that you can sell just about any product related to roosters, such as eggs, chicken, or other food items. 

If you aren't sure how to start this type of business, consider starting a hat shop instead. Hat stores usually have rooster-themed merchandise.


Another exciting business idea for kids is a franchise. Many companies need individuals to open stores in their markets. 

If you are good at sales, customer service, and you know how to operate a computer, you should consider opening a franchise for a company.

Selling candy

Perhaps the most unusual of small business ideas for kids is selling candy. Candy is a trendy item for a kid's party. However, if you know how to market and sell it, you have a good chance of profiting. Unlike other businesses, candy of sale isn't likely going to require you to invest much money. 

If you want to try your hand at selling candy, you should consider buying a candy business from an already well-established confectionary.

Selling Video Games

One more small business idea for kids is selling video games. The video game business is booming because so many children spend so much time in front of the television. More than three-quarters of all American homes have a video game system. 

You can make money by selling used video games. You can even post videos on sites like YouTube for people to buy and pay you a fee for hosting them. You can also post ads on sites like Craigslist to sell new games.

Lemonade Stand

One of the best small business ideas for kids is a lemonade stand. While the lemonade stand is becoming somewhat of a classic sore spot in small business ideas for kids, this still is an excellent option for children. 

Good to know: a little bit of assistance from an adult is needed to build the machines and get proper permits. Some places require adult supervision. If you are unsure of all of this, don't let your child get a lemonade stand.


Exploring small business ideas for kids has many benefits. Your kids can start their own business. This not only teaches responsibility but also gives them life skills they can use later in life. You can encourage your children to start a business or even save money for college.



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