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Cupcakes are the new fashion of the bakery industry. People today have long forgotten the gigantic cakes and are now turning towards minimalism. Cupcakes give them all the sugar rush people look for. Moreover, these cupcakes are also way prettier than regular cakes. 

Bakers can also show more creativity when it comes to the outlook of bakery products. They can do all kinds of customisation related to the requirements of the buyers. After all, everyone loves the miniature version of everything. 

Taking about miniature stuff, these cupcakes also require their own packaging types, which leads bakers to cupcake boxes. Whether you are selling cupcakes in units or packs, these cupcake boxes can cope with all your packaging needs. 

However, there some more benefits of cupcakes if you opt to buy them in bulk quantity. Further in this blog, we will go through some of the prominent benefits of cupcakes boxes and why you should buy them in bulk.  So, stay put and keeping to flourish your bakery business and make it people’s favourite. 

Price Discounts

There is no need to say that buying cupcakes boxes wholesale is cheap and can give you significant price discounts. Whether you are buying cupcakes packaging or ingredients for your cupcakes, you will always get more if you are buying things in large quantities. 

Contact your nearest or any reputable packaging provider and ask for their unit and wholesale rates; you will witness significant price cuts while buying bulk. 


Best Material

When you buy in bulk, you get the opportunity to select the best material for the manufacturing of custom cupcake boxes. Speaking of materials, the most preferred material for cupcakes boxes is Kraft paper. 

Kraft cupcakes boxes are numerous benefits, starting from less weight to the biodegradability they hold. Kraft is one of the materials that are 100% natural and thus holds a particular spot in the range of packaging materials. 

Apart from these unique features, Kraft is also extremely comfortable to add customisation, including custom prints, debossing, embossing, and protective coatings to increase the lifespan of cupcake packaging boxes. 

Freedom to Customise

Packaging firms offer unique customisation add-ons that you can not ask for if you are buying one or two cupcake boxes. With customisation, you can get your bakery name and logo printed boxes to present your brand aesthetics. 

Moreover, you can also get unique window cuts to increase the aspect of visibility. With window cut boxes, your potential buyers can admire the beauty of your cupcakes without opening the box. 

However, if you are worried about your cupcakes’ safekeeping, these window cupcake boxes wholesale in the UK come with a protective sheet to shield the product inside from all types of potential harms. As mentioned above, you also add protective coatings, including gloss and matte coatings. 

These coatings help to give your box a final finish. Depending on your choice, you can go for either a shiny gloss finish or a frosted matte look. Both of these coatings work in the same way and aim to protect the print on your box and increase its lifespan. 


Ease of transportation

If you are one of those bakers with no physical shop and run their business with online stores’ help, these bakery boxes are perfect for your business type. You can safely deliver your delicious cupcakes in these boxes without worrying about the wellbeing of them. 

You can get single cupcakes boxes for selling in units or large boxes to pack two or more cupcakes. Moreover, to increase the safekeeping, you also add custom inserts that will keep your cupcakes well intact and keep them from rattling around during transportation. 

Die cuts

Die-cutting is a feature that is only available for buyers who opt to buy product packaging in bulk. With die-cutting, you can get nearly any shape and size of the box. If you want your cupcake box to shape like a pyramid, you can get this with die-cutting. 

After all, everyone has to show some creativity to stand out in the market competition. You can select the appropriate size, shape, and dimension based on your bakery product’s requirements. 

All in All


Buying at wholesale comes with several benefits, most of which we have mentioned in this blog. However, the reasons mentioned above are some of the most prominent ones. If not for cupcakes, you can also order product packaging boxes for your other bakery products, including macarons, sweets, and many more. 

While buying in bulk, you will also get some unique quality measures, such as physical sampling. These physical samples will help you depict your cupcake boxes’ quality before actually getting your order’s complete delivery. So, contact your nearest packaging firm and order wholesale cupcake boxes for your delicious sweets

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