Margot Robbie is one of the most beautiful and talented Hollywood celebrities. The first glory came to her thanks to the role of sexy beauty in the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street". And after the image of Harley Quinn, no one left a shadow of doubt about Margot's acting skills.

Here are the most interesting facts from the life of the actress.

1. Margot Robbie eats fast food and carrots

Slim and sexy, Margot says she loves beer, burgers, and fries. 

“If I have to fit into a bikini,” says the actress, “then I eat only slices of carrots for three days in a row.”

2.Margot Robbie got drunk because of the sex scene

With Leonardo DiCaprio

In the film "The Wolf of Wall Street", the actress played first the mistress, and then the wife of the protagonist, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Margot admitted that before filming the first bed scene, she drank three glasses of tequila in a row to cope with stress. It was her first time filming with Leo and the excitement is understandable. Later, the actors again worked on the same set already in the movie "Once Upon a Time in ...Hollywood". By that time, Margot had already become a star of the first magnitude herself.

3. Margot Robbie was awarded a nasty nickname

The beauty even in elementary school has nicknamed the word"maggot" (consonant with the name of Margot), which literally translates as "larva". The poor thing admits that the nickname stuck to her like a bath leaf and she had to simply put up with it.

4. Margot Robbie got the role of Harley Quinn without audition

By the time Suicide Squad was filmed, many had already realized that Margot was not only beautiful but also athletic, talented, and ready to completely get used to the images of her heroines. So she didn't have to go through interviews and auditions. The actress was immediately approved for the role of the girlfriend of the supervillain Joker.

5. Margot Robbie saved Suicide Squad
from failure

Critics and audiences in many countries recognized the film as the worst in the comic book universe, despite its stellar cast. Butchart with everyone who went to the cinema on this tape. For whom did everyone sit until the credits? Just for the Harley scenes. And all thanks to Margot's amazing acting.

6. Margot Robbie does her own stunts

Many artists owe their cinematic awesomeness to the skills of stunt doubles, stuntmen, and visual effects specialists. But Margot boldly accepts challenges and herself performs even the most intricate stunts. She herself did acrobatic sketches in the role of Harley Quinn in the film "Suicide Squad", and also skated in the sports drama"Tonya Against All".

7. Margot Robbie only strips for art

In the film "The Wolf of Wall Street" there is a scene where the heroine of Margot - Naomi -seduces a rich handsome man. The actress herself decided to play naked, imbued with the character of Naomi. This is what she said about her character: “For Naomi, her body is the only settlement currency in the world. She has to be naked to throw all her cards on the table. "

At the same time, the actress flatly rejected the offer to play nude for the magazine "Playboy", despite the tidy promised to her. She is willing to strip for a believable acting performance, but she won't do it for the cover of a hot male magazine.

8. Margot Robbie loves simple outfits

If you like the rebellious tomboy style, then you and Margot Robbie are on the same page. It is on the red carpet that the actress admires exquisite haute couture dresses, but in life, she loves simple things - T-shirts, shorts, converse sneakers, and so on.

9. Margot Robbie knows how to get tattoos

She even tattooed Suicide Squad actors. The girl filled her colleagues with the word "SKWAD" (comic distortion of the word"squad" - squad).


10. Margot Robbie knows how to hold her breath for five minutes

We have repeatedly said that for the sake of the role, the actress is ready to give all her best at 100%. After learning that she was to shoot a short underwater scene in the form of Harley, Margot went through an intensive training course and learned to hold her breath for 5 minutes. And she not only held her breath but also emotionally played her part!

Australian beauty Margot Robbie conquered Hollywood, and with it the hearts of millions of fans around the world. We wish her even more awesome roles!


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