Let me start by saying this film, for me, starts with Aamir khan.

As a child, one of my earliest minds is that of the actor wearing a white cap in “Dil hai Ki manta Nahi”. All I wanted since then was the cap. As soon as he crossed the ending line in “Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar” - I knew it was “PEHLA Nasha”- a song that narrowed my love for the man, and it turned the start of my love for this virtual medium.

I won’t define myself as a fan as much as someone who felt like he was the actor. Public at home still call me “Aamir” so I am sure to make a list of the best movies of Aamir khan- who in my honest opinion is the biggest superstar I have ever seen. We can have a debate on that later, but as of now here’s the list of my 5 favourite movies of Aamir Khan. 

Top 4 best movies of Aamir khan 

[1] Taare Zameen Par {2007}

[1] Taare Zameen Par {2007}

Cast - Aamir Khan, Darsheel Safary 

Genre- Musical/Drama 

Director- Aamir Khan, Amole Gupte 

How much do you talk about the benefits of a movie that has touched you on a personal level than any other movie? Taare Zameen Par for me is the only movie that made me cry like a child in a film theatre. The detail might have been childish, and perhaps the ending too convenient. I mean parents don’t change that easily and children don’t improve that soon. However, those were minor hiccups in a movie that made a lot of parents re-evaluate their methods of discipline. It was one of those rare movies that required hammering its point to its public.

[2] Rangeela {1995}

[2] Rangeela {1995}

Cast- Aamir Khan, Jackie Shroff, 

Genre- Romance/Musical 

Director- Ram Gopal Verma 

It is a story of a common man who fell in love with his childhood friend milli. She wants to become an actress, Munna helps her to achieve her thoughts, but a famous actor also fell in love with milli must choose, with whom she wants to be with, a famous actor or her childhood friend. 

[3] Lagaan {2001}

[3] Lagaan {2001}

Cast- Aamir Khan, Gracy Singh 

Genre - Musical/sport 

Director- Ashutosh Gowariker 

It was the official access for the Oscars from India and it made it to the top 5 movies in the best foreign movie category. Lagaan sets are in British India, a British commander [Paul blackthorne] challenges to Indian guy Aamir khan to pulse them in a game of cricket, and if they can they will be tax-free for 3 years. It was a huge box office hit, and people loved the common story based on a cricket game.

[4] 3 Idiots {2009}

[4] 3 Idiots {2009}

Cast - Aamir Khan, , Sharman Joshi, and R.Madhavan 

Genre- Comedy/Romance

Director- Rajkumar Hirani 

3 idiots is another successful movie of aamir khan. We have listed the movie in our list of best comedy movies, emotional movies, or friendship. It falls in all kinds except actions. 3 idiots  is the story of 3 engineering students who become friends in a college hostel. Raju rastogi, ranchhod das, Farhan Qureshi. Ranchhod das thinks variously and his way of living in inspiring the college professors and principle of the collage don’t like the way of his thinking. 


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