Most of you who watch movies will love action movies. What's special about action movies is that they feature fights and stunts that people love and enjoy.

And the actor who fights in the movie is very much liked by the viewers. By the way, you must have seen a lot of action movies in your life and some of your action heroes will also be favorite. Today we have made a list of the top 7 action heroes for you who have gained a lot of fame.

Sunny Deol

Sunne Deol whose film career is very long and he has acted in many movies and also entertained the people with his acting. By the way,they have done every type of movie but most of the movies are action movies.Sunny Deol got a chance to work in a lot of action movies in which he showed his acting skills and people liked his acting a lot. In most of the movies,Sunne Deol acted in India-Pakistan war movies which made him very popular in the people. Sunne Deol has also received numerous Film fare Awards.

Vidyut Jamwal

Vidyut is a young and talented action hero who gained a lot of popularity in a very short time. He used to do martial arts training before coming to the acting field and also used to travel a lot. He is a martial arts real fighter and then he started his acting career as an action hero. And his action acting and his stunts were also very much liked by the people due to which he also got a lot of fame. His famous movies include Commando, Commando 2,and Force, in some of which he played the role of an action hero, and in some of the movies he played the role of a villain.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar who has done a number of movies and his fan following is very high due to his work. In his film career, Akshay Kumar has acted in action, comedy, romantic, war, and many other types of movies in which he showed his acting skills and entertained people and made a name for himself. Now you can watch online movies on movie hustle of your choice without any kind of hurdle. Akshay Kumar is also an expert in Chinese martial arts in real life and has done many action stunts in movies. He has also made a long list of hit blockbuster films in his career. Akshay Kumaris a very energetic and talented actor.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan is an actor in the Bollywood industry who has done a lot of action movies and entertained his followers by fighting in them.People like his action the most and he made a name for himself in the people because of his acting. His acting career is also very long in which he did alot of action, romantic, comedy, war, and a lot of movies. People love his romantic and action movies the most. The stunts he does in action movies people like most, due to which he got a lot of fame.

John Abraham

How can it be that action heroes are mentioned and John Abraham's name is not mentioned? John Abraham is a great action hero whose body is also very heavy and the action is also great. John has also acted mostly inaction movies which the people liked a lot. John has also done comedy and romantic movies but people prefer John's action movies. He has acted in most famous movies like Dhoom, Plan, Kalyug, and many other famous movies.

Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan is a young and talented actor who made his name in the people in a very short time due to his acting skill. He has done comedy,action, and romantic movies. Most people like their romantic movies. The numberof his action movies is small but he has done a great job in it and has increased his fan following.

Ajay Devgan

Ajay Dogan is a great action hero who started his film career with action movies. He also has a long-acting career in which he has done many movies including action, comedy, romance, and many movies. But most of his work in action movies was very much liked by the people. And even today he does action movies along with comedy movies and his Singham movie is many hits.


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