CBSE schools in Bangalore are pretty famous due to their universal curricula and due to their applicability in terms of their syllabus to multiple state level examinations.

CBSE schools in Bangalore are pretty famous due to their universal curricula and due to their applicability in terms of their syllabus to multiple state level examinations. This reason instills confidence in parents looking for a school for their children to carry on for a long time. Let us look at a few best CBSE schools in Bangalore which are both private and international in their type.

1. Kendriya Vidyalaya

The KV chain of schools are present across the country and are quite famous. The KV schools are managed mainly by the government and were formed in order to assist families of government employees who often get transferred and face issues in admissions. These schools provide standardized essential learning at extremely low fees.

Now, since KV schools follow the CBSE pattern, they have the same syllabus and if you shift to a different KV mid-session then you will not miss out on any course study. That is the biggest advantage of studying in Kendriya Vidyalaya.

Talking about school admissions in Bangalore in a KV, you will be surprised to know that the fees is an absolute minimum at around 25 INR. Even if we add up other expenses, the total does not exceed 1000 for an entire year. 

2. GIIS (Global Indian International School) 

The Global Indian International School has campuses in 7 different major countries that are Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Singapore, the UAE, and Japan. It offers multiple curricula with a strong emphasis on the CBSE curriculum with one of their unique boards for kindergarten being the GMP or the Global Montessori Plus program that is designed for nursery children by revamping the Montessori methods through modern means. They have also introduced a particularly significant framework of education called the 9GEMS™ holistic education framework that improves the personality of students by tapping on areas like Academic excellence, Sports excellence, Visual & Performing arts, Personality Development, Innovation & Creativity, Entrepreneurship & Leadership, Universal values & Ethics, Community & Care and Skill Development.

The fees at GIIS is around 2 LPA but that varies according to the grade levels. GIIS offers facilities that include a skating rink, a football ground, basketball court, badminton court, indoor sports arena, a soft-skill based Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values, an IT Centre, kid's pool, play area, Art and Craft lab, Montessori Lab, a Maths Lab and an infirmary. In Bangalore, it is the only international school that also follows the CBSE curriculum and imparts it while keeping in mind state-of-the-art educational practices. It offers major scholarships that are fully funded thereby giving all families a chance to get their children admitted. Personally, one should try their best to get into such a school.

3. Presidency School

It was established in 1976, and is another note-worthy CBSE school located in Bannerghatta road. It has a large school area and is in close vicinity to the Bannerghatta National Park. The campus is designed keeping in mind easy access to the outdoors and students have particularly imparted education with respect to their personality growth in order to make them smart and confident.

The presidency does not openly disclose its fee but past reports have placed the figure between 1.2 - 1.9 LPA depending on the grade you are in. This may change over time along with facilities that include digital classrooms, transport, resource center, counseling, and special education methodologies for students who need particular attention.

4. Army Public School

Here is another CBSE school in Bangalore which is also present country-wide and is controlled primarily by the Indian Army. For a long time, it had strictly been only for Army personnel, however, since 2000 or 2002, civilian students started being allowed as well. If you go by the name, you may expect it to be a school with extreme discipline and Army methods but that is only a myth. For that, there is a ‘Sainik School’ which particularly trains students to become officers later on.

The free structure has variations between civilians and army students. It is higher for civilians but even then, the fee is not too high. For army children, it can be between rupees 15K per annum to rupees 18K. At the same, for civilians, it can shoot up to rupees 24K per annum.

Hoping this article gave you essential insight into a few proper CBSE schools. Some of these schools do not disclose their fee structures, however, reading this would present a fair idea. For more clarity on the fee structure, make sure to contact the schools.


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