The environment is everything that surrounds us: air, water, earth, solar radiation, and all man-made emissions that people use and produce.

The environment is everything that surrounds us: air, water, earth, solar radiation, and all man-made emissions that people use and produce.

How does the climate influence the human body?

Consider several factors that affect the human body. If you're curious about your height measurement then give it a try with the free height calculator.

Factor 1. Air

One of the main factors influencing the human body is air; without air, a person cannot breathe, cannot live, and exist on earth.

With the help of air, a person can breathe, the air is necessary for a person every second, and human health depends on the inhaled air.

Scientists around the world are constantly monitoring air changes, they found that carbon dioxide is constantly decreasing from year to year.

For the normal functioning of human cells, 2% oxygen and 7% carbon dioxide are needed, and in fact, in an atmosphere of carbon dioxide, only 0.03%.

From this, it turns out that carbon dioxide is 250 times less than what a person needs, and oxygen is 10 times more, which means that a person does not have enough carbon dioxide in his blood. Over the past forty years, the depth of human breathing has increased by 30%, which means that there is very little carbon dioxide in the blood.

The pause of breath-holding has decreased significantly, hence many new diseases appear in humans. With an age calculator, identify the age of anyone.

Factor 2. Nutrition

The health of our body and longevity depends on proper nutrition and the food that enters our body.

An individual ought to get the necessary measure of proteins, fats, sugars, nutrients, and microelements consistently. If you start to receive something less, the body's work begins to malfunction, and you can get sick with various diseases: metabolic disorders, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases, cardiovascular system, and so on.

If you start to abuse foods that contain a lot of fats and carbohydrates, then over time you can acquire the vascular disease, heart muscle disease, diabetes, obesity.

If you eat modified foods, then over time you will feel malaise, weakness, deterioration in the general condition of the body.

Everything that you consume comes to you from the environment, do not buy cheap and low-quality products, think about your health today.

Factor 3. Climatic

The weather conditions in which we have to live have a very strong influence on performance and well-being.

Absolutely everything can affect a person: strong wind, snow, rain, air humidity, electromagnetic fields, various cyclones, changes in atmospheric pressure, and so on.

All these phenomena act differently on each person, from the influence of climatic factors there may be a drop in blood pressure, headaches, and dizziness, joints may hurt.

People with a weakened body and people who are constantly sick are especially strongly felt the change in the weather and various climatic factors.

So that climatic factors do not greatly affect you, try to observe the correct daily regimen, eat the right balanced food, be outdoors more often, and regularly ventilate the room in which you are.

Factor 4. Chemical and biological

A huge amount of various emissions gets into our airspace, into the ground, into the water space, then we breathe it, drink polluted water, eat food that has grown in polluted land, in general, we use it in different ways.

The poisons that are around us poison our life and our body.

Toxic substances can cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, coughing, malaise, drowsiness or insomnia, impaired attention, delayed reaction, and so on.

In the event that you have such signs, make certain to see a specialist and go through a clinical assessment.

Biological factors include bacteria, viruses, parasites that are present in the environment and are constantly near us.

To protect yourself, do not forget the simple rules of personal hygiene, wash your hands more often, be sure to boil drinking water, if you have wounds or cuts, be sure to treat them with special solutions.


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