In our busy lives we are continuously looking for hacks to make our lives easier. In this article, let us see some different microwave oven hacks that can make our lives easy and stress-free.

Microwave Oven is a kitchen hack that comes in different shapes, sizes, and styles employing microwave radiation primarily to heat or cook food. It was invented accidentally in 1945 by Dr. Percy Le Baron Spencer.

Since its accidental invention in 1946, the microwave has become a household hero, relieving us from laborious cooking tasks with its heating.

While many of us enlist the help of the microwave oven for simple heating and reheating jobs, the capabilities of this kitchen appliance go far beyond.

Our lives have become easier, thanks to these inventive devices. However, the efficiency of a device depends upon how well we use it. If we have a microwave at our home and we are just using it for heating food then, we are missing a lot. Here are some of the most amazing and easiest microwave oven hacks that will make our kitchen work uncomplicated in many ways.

 These microwave oven benefits are listed as below:

 1. Peeling Garlic

Peeling Garlic is a very intimidating task because of its pungent smell and sticky texture. To avoid this smell and texture microwave garlic for not more than fifteen seconds. The microwave heat will draw the moisture out of the garlic clove and once the moisture is out, the skin will easily slide off.

 2. How to check if your container is microwavable or not?

To find out whether your container is microwave-safe or not, fill a cup of water that you already know is microwave safe. Place this mug on the container you want to test and heat it for two to three seconds. If the water remains hot and the container is cold it is microwave safe. 

 3. Squeezing Citrus

Squeezing Citrus can often lead you to feel cheated. You know there’s a lot of juice inside it but your hands are already cramping.

Luckily, there’s a microwave hack for it. Place the fruit inside the oven for ten to fifteen seconds, then roll it between your hands and then squeeze it.

You will find a lot more juice after the fruit has warmed up and easier to squeeze.

 4. Re hydrate dried lentils and beans

If you always forget to soak your dried lentils or beans overnight this little microwave oven hack will save you.

Place one cup of dried legumes in a microwave-safe bowl and add cold water so that they are covered. Add half a teaspoon of bicarbonate soda then microwave it for ten minutes.

You still need to wait for one hour before using it.

 5. Make your heat pack

If you have a cotton sock and some rice, then the relief is just a button away.

Fill a cotton sock with uncooked wheat rice, wheat rice, or dried beans, tie it properly and then microwave it for one to three minutes.

Although you need to be a bit cautious while the sock is inside the oven as overheating can cause a fire. When ready take it out while wearing a glove and check it for some hot spots before applying it to your aches.

 6. Removing Stamps

If you are into collecting and reusing old stamps, then this microwave oven hack might be very useful to you.

Moisten the stamps with a few drops of water and microwave it on the lowest setting for twenty seconds.

Although this hack is not one hundred percent effective, what’s the harm in trying it.

 7. Clean your microwave oven in flash

 After using a microwave, it’s common to find some splatters and undesirable smells.Here’s a quick microwave oven hack to clean your oven in a few minutes.

Places small bowl of water with lemon slices in it and heat on high for two minutes.Then all you need to know to clean the walls, doors, and ceiling of the microwave with a dry microfiber cloth.

Hence, all these microwave oven uses and hacks prove that apart from just reheating and cooking, the microwave oven offers some other uses also which are very beneficial for the people using it.

A microwave oven is a very versatile kitchen appliance that offers a range of uses. Microwave ovens can be used to reheat and cook food, disinfect kitchen items, make citrus fruits juicer, heating beauty products, roast garlic, and de-crystalizing honey, etc.

The microwave oven is a very useful tool but the users should also keep in mind that microwaves can differ depending on wattage and whether they’re convention or inverter.

So you should always stay near your microwave when you are cooking, just in case something goes wrong.

 Also,we should be aware that certain things don’t belong in the microwave – such as plastic takeaway containers and foils.

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