If you want to have a deep insight into Water Heater Problems & Solutions then this blog is for you. In this blog, you will learn about specific hot water system problems and solutions. Also, some of the solutions can make you an expert when you are reading.

Water Heater Problems & Solutions

Got into a shower only to find cold water running through your heater tap? Does the water come from your heater smell? Is there a leakage in your water heater? Here are a few of these common problems of a water heater and their solutions to save your day. Although some of these might require professional plumbing services as fixing them on your own might turn fatal or simply not your cup of tea. 

Water is not heating properly

Problems like water not heating well, or overheating are related to various reasons. Colder water is a result of frozen pipes, over usage, poor maintenance, or expired heater life. So, You can solve the pipe insulation, flushing out, and maintaining the unit with adequate head per unit. 

Water is leaking from the heater

A leak is the most common problem in the heater and it is really critical as well. It can result in huge damage if not fixed properly. Leaking from the top can be due to loose pipes or loose valves. You can fix it by tightening them. Leaking from the bottom may be a result of condensation or overflow due to extra pressure. It can be fixed by turning up the thermostat and maintaining the pressure. So, You should take the help of a professional for such leakage issues. 

The water smells foul after coming out of the heater

The formation of hydrogen sulfide due to corrosion of anode rods in the heater causes the water to smell foul. It is because the hydrogen sulfide smells like rotten eggs or sewage. This can be solved easily by replacing the anode rod and it should be done regularly – once in 3-5 years. 

The heater is making noises

Sometimes the heater makes noises like screeching, humming, or popping. Noisy heater units are a result of loose machine parts in the heater or excessive sediment accumulation in the tank. The solution is to fix the machine parts and join any if missing. For sedimentation, the scaling needs to be removed manually. 

The water from the heater comes out rust-colored

The rust is caused due to the same reason as the odor coming into the heated water. The anode is corroding and you need to replace it to get your Hot Water flowing normally. 

The water pressure is inadequate

Fault in mechanical faucets, shut-off valves, and pipe blockages may lead to inadequate water pressure out of the water heater. This can be dealt with by fixing the general water pressure of your house, mending the shut-off valves, and detecting if there is some water leakage. 

The pilot light is not working

Pilot light is the light that provides a small blue flame to the gas to start working. It isn’t present in most new heaters as the technology has evolved but the old ones still have this problem. To solve this, you need to open the heater after cutting off power and reset the flame on default mode. 

All problems have solutions but you need to find the root cause to eliminate it once and for all. If you are struggling with your water heater every now and then, better hand the problems over to professional plumbing. If the problems get recurring and fatal, it is better to change the heater and adapt to newer technology.

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