For New Year 2021, prepare a massive memory scrap-book or compile a video with your family members or friends, individually, recording their 'Once upon a time…' story for the years to come. On the eve of the grand celebration share it with all of them as a gift that stores not just their memories but yours too with them.


The big bang of the fireworks, the hues of the parties - together are the harbinger of what good lies ahead! The year, that began on a high note, progressed towards dampening the spirit of people a bit, should not end on a depressing note. Let's change the graph of this depressing year, embrace what we learnt, and march ahead for a wonderful year that is waiting for us with its arms open. Look at the half-full glass! The year served us, the opportunity to enjoy the celebration with our family, on a silver platter. Let’s charge up our spirits, grab this opportunity, and unquarantine our zeal while we remain quarantined. 

Prepare A Memory Sketch

This year, undoubtedly, was no less than a roller-coaster ride, nor were the events that occurred. We encountered one of a kind moments. We can reminisce these moments in the years to come and even proudly share them with our future generations. For New Year 2021, prepare a massive memory scrap-book or compile a video with your family members or friends, individually, recording their 'Once upon a time…' story for the years to come. On the eve of the grand celebration share it with all of them as a gift that stores not just their memories but yours too with them.

Light a bonfire in your courtyard

Couldn't go out camping with friends, and dance around the bonfire? Fret not, and do it differently this year. Light a bonfire in your courtyard, gather your family members, and some snacks. Ask your elders to narrate some adventurous (believe me, our parents and grandparents were way more adventurous than us. So, unravel their past!!)and happy moments of their life. You can share yours too (as long as it's not worth a thrash from your parents). Let's toast this New Year's wine in their name! Reduce the communication gap that jobs and colleges created between you and your parents.

Terrace or balcony Morning Breakfast

A family that eats together stays together. So, kick-start this year by having the very first meal of your day with your family in the freshness of nature. Brightly shining sun on the morning of 1 January may be a rare event in some regions, but if you get the opportunity layout the breakfast table out on the terrace or in the balcony and line it up with ready-made healthy breakfasts ranging from sweet cinnamon rolls and cookies to salty focaccia and garlic bread. And if it's not sunny, become old-school, light up the fire and enjoy your breakfast in the chilly morning.

Photo booth in the living room

Reserve some space in the living room for setting it up as your photo booth for New Year's night. In this age of InstaReels we all have become click-crazy. Deck that area up with silver and golden wrapping papers, balloons and buntings, creating a perfect backdrop for your photoshoot. Then, try DIYing some fancy props for the night. Tada!! You are ready for bombing your Insta with your crazy clicks. 

Memory Locator

What we learnt this year? Life is dynamic and can turn upside down any moment. So let's cherish what we have in front of us. Decorate a glass jar and take a resolution that for the next year, you will save your every memory in that jar be it a small movie or fair ticket or a rare picture with your distant family or friends. Take your first step on New Year's eve. A digital alternative to this fun activity is creating a shared drive with your family and friends, where each one of you posts your memory with each other.

Organise a virtual party or a movie-watching event

One of the most common ideas we are getting these days to celebrate the midnight of 2020-21 is to organise a virtual party over ZOOM or GOOGLE MEET apps. Tune up your stereo, dress up for the party, buy some party poppers and get the feel of a real New Year bash. Party isn't enough to liven up your day? Then download a movie, change into your pyjamas, share your movie screen with your friends and get the feel of sitting in a movie theatre with your friends. Fun part here is- you can still exchange funny comments as the movie proceeds. Remember even a horror movie turns into a comedy with our 'bunch of fools'!!! 

Send love to your distant family or friends

New Year and birthdays are two occasions when we wait desperately for a gift. In the hustle bustle of this year of virtual meetings, don’t forget to send real loves to near and dear ones. If you are away from home or at home away from friends, send them your best wishes in forms of cakes, greeting cards or a utility item. Brighten up their day with your wonderfully sweet surprises. 

Plan a barbecue dinner

An occasional gathering deserves barbecue-cooked food under a starry night. Add spice to your bonfire stories by planning a barbecue together with it. Grilling and enjoying the food simultaneously with the family is way better than mothers cooking a luxurious meal while missing all the fun. So, gather your family around the bonfires, share your stories, play games and enjoy the grilled delectables. 

Play Games

Not everyone is a party-loving kind, but everyone is a fun-loving kind of person. So, if you are not in the mood of joining your corporate party room, then make a game room with your friends. Ranging from Dumbcharade, and the very common ‘Never Have I Ever’ to virtual version of ’Bingo’ and the ‘Champagne or Sham’, there are tons of games to play online with friends. Moreover, for offline fun, you can turn your house into a treasure site, with each one of you hiding one or two gifts for every family member, and when the clock strikes 12 all of you can set out on a mad hunt for treasure (gifts) hidden in your house. The one with the maximum number of gifts wins the game as well as the gifts. 

All's well that ends well. So, end this year with a bang loud enough to resonate for the entire year to come. Rejoice for you survived this year! Rejoice for you didn't break down! Rejoice for you learned your lessons from this year! Rejoice for every moment of your life is worth rejoicing. Illuminate every life around you with a lively celebration. Happy New Year!!


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