Personal Injury Case Claims

Most people are afraid to submit personal injury claims as they are daunted by the high costs of hiring a personal injury solicitor in Glasgow. However, there are several options that you can choose from, which enable you to make a claim, without spending a large amount. This guide provides a list of options that you can take advantage of.

Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA)

The Conditional Fee Agreement or the CFA is popularly known as the ‘No Win No Fee’ policy. The CFA is a document that is specifically designed to assist individuals in making injury claims, without worrying about the high cost of hiring a solicitor to handle the legalities of the case. There are numerous firms that offer the Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). Keeping this in mind, you can stay on budget by hiring a personal injury lawyer, who encourages you to sign the CFA. 

This way, you would only be required to make the payment to the solicitor if they win the case for you. Additionally, with the CFA, you can also benefit from the criteria of only making the payment after you have received the compensation settlement. Therefore, even if your claim has a successful outcome, you would only be required to pay when you have money in your account. 

Narrow down your options

If you wish to find a personal injury solicitor that extends the CFA, you can carry out a search online. From this list, you can narrow down your options to select experienced solicitors, who provide you with the opportunity to submit personal injury claims with a CFA. 

Schedule a consultation

Once you narrow down your options, you can schedule a consultation session with the firm. At this stage, you can explain the details of your case through the phone, or establish a face-to-face meeting to get a better idea of the solicitor’s degree of professionalism. This step would help you determine if the selected solicitor is the right choice for you.

Choose the right person for the job 

When you are hiring a solicitor, it is crucial to employ the services of an individual who has had years of experience in dealing with personal injury claims. For a solicitor, their experience plays an important role in helping you win the case. Keeping this in mind, you can review the stats and the portfolio of the selected solicitor before hiring them to represent your case. 

Sign the CFA 

Before instating your professional relationship, you must sign the CFA. A professional solicitor would provide you with a written document, which you can study in detail. If you agree with the written criteria, you can sign the CFA and have your solicitor submit the claim. 

Legal Expense Insurance 

Another way to fund your personal injury claims is through the legal expense insurance policy. There are numerous insurance policies that cover the legal fee, without you even knowing it. Therefore, if you are considering making a personal injury claim, you can talk to your insurance company and ask them if they cover the legal fee.  In the case that your insurance company provides legal expense insurance, they would cover the legal costs until the insurance claim is made. This way, you can benefit from making a personal injury claim, without worrying about the overall cost of the process. 

Trade Union

A trade union is another popular method of funding your personal injury claims. However, this option is only limited to individuals who work in the union sector or any other similar organization.  If the trade union covers your legal fee, you can use it to fund your injury claims. 

Private Fee Payment

You also have the option to fund your claim yourself. If you are willing to choose the private fee payment method, you would be required to pay the cost of the case as it moves forward. The amount would include the fee of the solicitor, as well as the costs and charges of making a claim. Additionally, depending on the firm you have chosen, you would also have to pay an initial fee to get your case submitted. 

However, you always have the option to recover the amount, in case your claim is successful. Therefore, the money you earn from the personal injury compensation would be enough to cover the cost of hiring a solicitor.

Submitting personal injury claims does not have to be an expensive process. If you choose to hire a firm that provides you with the benefit of a CFA, you can easily go through the process without having to invest a large sum of money in the process. With that said, you also have the option of choosing using your legal expense insurance, trade union, or relying on a private fee payment approach.  


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