You can retrieve photos and videos saved on your kid’s phone. It includes media files captured from the phone camera and downloaded from the internet. The parental control app offers many other features to track and control kids’ digital devices.

Best Spy Application to Monitor Your Cell Phone

Are you looking for an app to monitor cell phones of your loved ones? Using a high-tech cell phone spy app you can keep tabs on mobile phone activities of your children. You can detect what your kids are doing; where they are; what are they planning and whom they are with. You can get answers to any questions regarding your kids’ acts. Remaining anywhere in the world you can keep a secret eye on your teens and tweens to protect them from potential dangers. Just get their mobile phones installed with the best spy app and start tracking them from anywhere and anytime. This article helps you pick up the best cell phone spy app to keep your kids under surveillance in the most efficient manner

TheOneSpy – Best App for Child monitoring

TheOneSpy is found to be the most reliable app for the supervision of kids’ mobile phones. It enables non-tech savvy parents to stay updated about the online and offline activities of children. Once you install the app on the targeted cell phone you can remotely witness almost every activity performed on the device. You can supervise chats; access media files; access browsing details and control mobile apps with the use of the child surveillance app. Read on to know more about this cell phone parental control solution. The post-millennial kids get their hands on mobile phones at ina very early age. The use of this powerful technology in the phase of immaturity can put the user in trouble. The younger children are unable to make rational decisions regarding the selection of apps and software. They do not hesitate to try apps available in the Google Play Store including the apps inappropriate for their age. Parents are needed to supervise the mobile phone use of children to help them make rational choices. The monitoring of cell phones is also crucial to protect children from the dangers of cyberbullying, scamming, sexting and child molestation.

Monitor Chats

The cell phone parental control app lets you supervise your kids’ chats. It includes one-on-one conversation, group chats, SMS, MMS, emails and instant messages. You can oversee all the messages exchanged by your kids without accessing their phones.

Listen to Calls

The secret app lets you listen to the phone calls of your kids without alerting them. It records all incoming and outgoing calls and allows retrieving the recorded calls via the web-based control panel of TheOneSpy. It also provides access to call history and contact details of callers and recipients.

Watch Out SocialMedia

The unsupervised use of social media can put your kids into trouble by exposing them to bullies, pedophiles, and predators. The cell phone surveillance app keeps parents informed of their kids’ activities on the most popular social networking platforms. It includes but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, Tumblr, Telegram, Line, IMO, Viber, Hangout and Tinder. You can supervise chats made via these social apps and instant messengers.   

Remote Control Apps

The mobile phone parental control app allows blocking, uninstalling and unblocking mobile apps without physical access. It lets you prevent your kid from using age-inappropriate apps.

Record SurroundingScenes & Sounds

The app lets you keep tabs on the surroundings of your children to protect them from threats in the real world. You can remotely operate a microphone and cameras of the targeted device to record scenes and sounds.

Screen Recording

The screen recording lets you capture every mobile phone activity of your loved ones. The targeted mobile phone starts screen recording on receiving your command.


You can capture the mobile phone activities of your kids in the form of screenshots. The app starts capturing the screen with a specific interval.  

Access browsing history

The parental control app allows evaluating internet usage of kids by getting access to the internet browsing history of their mobile phones. You can access history and bookmarks of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and commonly used mobile phone internet browser apps.

Chase Passwords

The app records all keystrokes applied to the keyboard of a monitored phone. This keylogs also include passwords and sensitive information put to the device.

Retrieve Deleted Media

You can retrieve photos and videos saved on your kid's phone. It includes media files captured from the phone camera and downloaded from the internet.

The One Spy


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