Interior design trends come and go. One day, something is hot; the next year, it is not. So today, we will give you the contemporary designs that will be in-style this 2021. Feel free to reinvent your home and refresh your space with these looks.

1. Cottagecore

Romantic and nostalgic: this is what Cottagecore is all about. This year, simple decorations, sustainable living, and harmony with nature will be on the rise.

Cottagecore décor has an airy, fresh, and at the same time vintage, historical appeal. It features natural elements like houseplants and dried or fresh flowers. A cottagecore aesthetic includes warm and neutral hues that make the home appear cozy.

If you prefer a luxurious look for your home, you can take the simple cottagecore to the next level. You can opt for an elegant traditional home with vintage style cutlery and glassware. You would also want to incorporate hints of gold through your accessories. Top it all off with a gingham sofa upholstery fabric, and you are all set for a farm core look.

The year 2020 has been stressful a stressful one. And because people find solace in nostalgic countryside vibes, the cottagecore décor style is here to stay.

2. Grandmillennial

Homey design elements are making a comeback this year. Folksy decorations such as floral wallpapers and antique paintings will have a moment in 2021 homes. The grandmillenial trend revives your grandma’s chinaware and crocheted cushions. It is a modern take on the cozy décor you might see in your grandparents’ house.

“Granny chic ”décor bring forth tradition and nostalgia. This aesthetic is an ultimate throwback featuring skirted tables and patterned upholstery. Sofa upholstery fabrics with classic prints like chintz and toile will become more desirable this year.

3. Tropical

As we got stuck on lockdowns, we craved weekend getaways and trips to the distant shores. If you miss traveling and island-hopping, why not transform your home into a tropical interior style? It can stir the mood of an island-like, laid-back lifestyle. 

A tropical interior design aims to create a cozy, calming, and soul-healing space perfect for rejuvenation.

It may opt for deep hues, but it can also go for bright and light shades like aqua and lime. Using tropical leaves or floral prints on sofa upholstery fabric is a great way to bring the outdoors in.

4. Rustic  Ceramics

Interior designers predict that the kitchen will see colorful ceramic tiling instead of the uniform backsplashes. Handcrafted ceramics with some natural variation may rise in popularity.  It will dethrone smooth kitchen tiles like the porcelain and glass subway.

5. Rustic Vouge

Rustic vogue is the close and more sophisticated sister of cottagecore. If you liked some elements of cottagecore but not want to go astray from modern elements, rustic vogue is for you.

Also called modern rustic, this interior design style creates the perfect harmony of modern and vintage.

This trend highlights  the home’s exposed beams and original floorboards. It incorporates old and natural materials like wood and clay as well as modern furniture.

Many rustic vogue homes use gray velvet sofa upholstery fabric for their living room centerpiece. They also feature grainy and textures pieces like that one of reclaimed wood.

6. NaturalElements

Reconnecting with nature tends to be the major trend this year. As expected, contact with nature is necessary. Hence, bringing natural elements into the home is becoming more common than ever.

Plant lovers have long turned to houseplants for comfort during the quarantine. But aside from plants, you can also embrace other natural elements into your décor. For instance, you can use shells, stones, wood, and other materials to revamp your space. You can get this look while staying on a budget.

Natural fiberssare also in-style this year. You can use them on carpets, lamps, and other accessories in the house. For instance, you can pick bamboo or wood for your floor covering.

Further, the hottest furniture will include woven or natural-looking pieces such as rattan and wicker. Consistently, synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester will fall behind. Instead, natural and recycled sofa upholstery fabrics will be on the rise. This links to the growing awareness of sustainability issues.


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