Each one has different characteristics. Today, we will break down draperies and curtains and help you choose the right window treatment for your window. After this, you can confidently choose the right custom draperies and window coverings in Oak Park.

Custom Draperies or Curtains - Which One Should You Choose

The terms "drapes" and"curtains" are interchangeably used, but you may surprise to know that they differ from each other in many ways. Each one has different characteristics. Today, we will break down draperies and curtains and help you choose the right window treatment for your window. After this, you can confidently choose the right custom draperies and window coverings in Oak Park. So, let's begin.


What exactly are drapes and curtains?

Curtains are sold in pairs and installed over blinds or shades. They are typically made of lighter fabrics, but these are capable enough for room darkening or blackout.

On the other hand, draperies are made from thicker and heavier fabrics and installed to restrict more light.

The difference between curtains and drapes

  • Drapes are considered more formal window coverings than the curtains.
  • Drapes are usually made of heavier fabrics than the curtains.
  • Curtains can be used anywhere, including offices, eateries, homes, dormitory rooms, etc. However, the drapes are seen more in the formal spaces like dining rooms, high-end eateries, and luxury hotels.
  • Drapes are normally longer than the curtains.
  • At times, homeowners use heavy drapes to keep the room warm inside and stop the cool air from entering through the windows.
  • As curtains are lightweight, they are easy to take down and puff. 
  • Curtains can be washed at home in the washing machine, while the drapes are usually taken to the dry cleaner for cleaning as they are long and heavier.
  • Drapes are operated by a drawstring available on one side of the window. However, the curtains are opened and closed by carefully pulling the fabric.
  • Drapes are usually steam-cleaned, whereas the curtains are simply washed in the washing machine.
  • Drapes almost touch the floor, whereas curtains drop to just below a window sill. 

There are many similarities between drapes and curtains, due to which many folks find both of these window treatment options similar. Therefore, we have covered the similarities shared by both curtains and drapes. 

  • Both drapes and curtains are available in a wide assortment of styles, patterns, and colors.
  • They are both opened and closed before the window.
  • Both window coverings are available in different widths and lengths.
  • There is always a construction choice, including back tabs, tie top, pleats, and others for both window treatments. 
  • Curtains are drapes are sold in the window covering section of an online store.
  • Perfectly constructed curtains and drapes can last for many years.
  • Both curtains and drapes are available at an affordable price.

 Likewise, there are many advantages that you can enjoy by installing both drapes and curtains. They both are functional and give aesthetic appeal to your home.

Below are the key advantages you enjoy within stalling drapes and curtains in your home;

  • Flexible light control- Thicker materials are better at blocking the light, whereas the thinner fabric enables sunlight to filter.

  • Improved energy efficiency- The custom drapes and curtains will also help you save on utility bills. They both have insulating properties that block outside light from entering inside, keeping your room warm in winters and cooler in summers. By installing the drapes and curtains, you will gradually reduce your electricity bills.

  • Noise reduction- Drapes and curtains made of little heavier fabrics can reduce unwanted noise from outside traffic or busy street. Choosing heavier fabric for bedroom curtains and drapes will help you make your bedroom environment ideal for sleeping.

The finishing touches 

Both are amazing options for your windows with all major benefits, including privacy, sound reduction, and light control. They are customizable, allowing you to infuse your personality with your interior designer's help. Hence, approach the right interior designer in your city. They will help you redecorate your window with the beautiful sets of custom draperies and window treatments in Oak Park.


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