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Estelon Releases Extremely Limited-Latest 2021 Edition Forza Speaker

Estelon celebrates its 10th anniversary with the Forza Anniversary Edition. To take the limited-edition climax, only ten pairs of Forza anniversary issues will be released. 

Finished with black pearl gloss and gold accents, the four-way speaker is equipped with two 250mm aluminum-sandwich woofers, a 190mm aluminum-sandwich mid-woofer, a 168mm ceramic membrane midrange driver, and a 25mm diamond tweeter. 

Made with speakers offer powerful depth and quality with frequency response up to 60kHz. Esterline Forza Anniversary Edition is now available.

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Estella is moved to present the Forza Anniversary Edition, inspired by the company's 10th successful year!

Estelle Forza, which detects fraudulent practices by Xtreme (Estelle's last major model), was launched in 2019 and has already received worldwide recognition and numerous awards. 

Estelon is now releasing a special anniversary edition, which is limited to a total of 10 pairs in production. This has a mix of glosses of black pearl and gold highlights, reflecting its sleek shapes, giving a truly glamorous finish. Also, the connectors panel includes designer, Alfred Vasilkov, signature!

Timeless design, powerful performance

Each Estelle Forza speaker is a 4-way design with two woofers, a mid-woofer, a midrange driver, and a tweeter designed and manufactured by Akutan. 

Two custom-built 250mm (11-inch) aluminum-sandwich woofers can reproduce very deep and precise bass, while the 190mm (8-inch) aluminum-sandwich mid-woofer allows for a fast and impressive upper bass. 

The 168mm (7 inches) ceramic membrane midrange driver is ultra-light and focused, allowing it to play complex mid-frequencies without any linear response, color or distortion. 

The 25mm (1-inch) Diamond Twitter, also found on the dashboard of the Bugatti Chiron Supercar, can reproduce sounds at very high frequencies up to 60 kHz, without any distortions in the human hearing range.

The unique shape of the Estelon Forza and the smooth curves of the cabinet eliminates the effects of reflection deflection, but the scattering frequency characteristics are simpler and smoother not only in front of the loudspeaker but also at different angles. 

This expands the ideal listening position. The combination of curved cabinet walls and specific interior rooms eliminates cabinet vibration, so the audio signal is pure and comes only from the driver elements. 

Each speaker's 150 kg (330 lb) weight provides reactive and dynamic stability, supports acceleration and transient driver membrane attack, and provides improved sound dynamics and micro-dynamic information.

Estelle Forza, as its name implies, is full of incredible refining power. The forge comes alive as soon as the electric current passes through the drivers. Every nuance dances through the air, a realistic soundstage is created and the listener is filled with great emotions. You can close your eyes and enjoy the best that music can offer.

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