Here I have discussed how much do roller shutters cost.

Roller shutters work as a smart investment for augmenting the security and privacy of your home. They make an exceptional and sophisticated window and door décor treatment without looking flamboyant.

Roller Shutter! What is it?

Roller Shutters has become a popular and practical door and window treatment option for property owners across the world. It is a variety of blinds for windows and doors with a mechanism similar to the roller door. The shutters work both manually and automatically and have a cylindrical-shaped shaft holder to secure the shutter slats. When turned down, the shutters cover the window/door like a curtain. It offers immense protection from theft, burglary, and bad weather conditions like rain, thunderstorm, and sunlight.

How Much Do Roller Shutters Cost?

If you’re in the market for new rolling shutters for your home or office, we can help. This guide explains the costs associated with roller shutters.

Depending on the type, quality, mechanism, and size, the average cost to buy a roller shutter ranges between $300 and $2000.

Bottom line: At the cheapest end of the budget, you can buy average quality manually operated shutters at most major hardware stores for as little as $200 for 600mm high and 800mm wide, and give your doors and windows a minimal upgrade.

For long-lasting, automatic roller shutters, you’re better off working with a specialty store. Expect to spend $500 for a 600mm high and 800mm wide custom job.

Roller Shutter Cost: Factors Determining Roller Shutter Costs

Several factors determine roller shutter costs. A few of them includes:


The foremost thing that determines the cost of roller shutters is their size. The cost of the roller shutters is directly proportional to the size. Roller Shutters come in many different sizes. Finding the right size for your commercial or residential doors and windows is a key to a fruitful and modish project.


Shutter size Estimated Cost of Manual Shutters Estimated Cost of Automatic Shutters
600mm high x 800mm wide $300 $450 – $660
800mm x 1200mm $350 $500 – $725
1200mm x 1800mm $500 $650 – $840
1800mm x 2400mm $725 $850 – $1000



Roller Shutters can be made of different materials. Below given are some of the materials which are used to make the shutters. You may choose any of them depending on your purpose:

Extruded Aluminium Alloy:

Best for windows and doors, the Aluminium roller shutters are estimated to cost between $500 and $1,200. It provides easy installation, effective handling, and hassle-free operation. Besides this, it offers a rust-free surface, extensive durability, and reduced noise.


When low on budget, PVC Roller Shutters can work best to suit your needs. The estimated cost of PVC roller shutters ranges between $300 and $450. Despite being robust and durable than aluminum roller shutters, they are not apt for protection against bushfires.


Roller Shutters made of steel offer immense reliability, and safety. As they are heftier than those made from other materials that’s why their installation is more difficult and more expensive. The average cost of Steel Roller Shutters ranges between $450 and $600.


Another significant factor that determines the cost of roller shutters is the mechanism by which they’re operated. Basically, there are three kinds of mechanisms used in roller shutters. This includes:


Motorized Roller Shutters functions through a wall-mounted switch or remote control. Besides requiring very low maintenance and very little attention, motorized rolling shutters are simple, strong, and ensure total customer satisfaction. The average cost of motorized roller shutters ranges between $800 and $1900.


Manual Rollers Shutters are functioned using a winder or a strap. As they operate without the use of electricity or motor, they have emerged as an immensely cost-effective option. The average cost of manual roller shutters ranges between $300 and $600.


The battery-operated roller shutters let you raise and lower down the external shutters with just a click of the button. It comprises of rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that gets discharged after a certain time. Due to the incorporation of battery in the roller shutters, the average cost of battery roller shutters is slightly higher than the manual shutters and ranges between $700 and$900.

Feature Specific:

Fire Safe:

They provide immense protection to your home or office in case of fires.

Double Line:

The specialty of this kind of roller shutter is its double line groove and a curved face profile. It is suitable for widths up to 3,200mm and is perfect for any residential or commercial property.

DIY v/s Hiring Roller Shutter Installers

To get the perfect fit of roller shutters, it is wise to hire a roller shutter installers. They will provide comprehensive assistance right from measuring the dimensions of your doors and windows till the end of the installation.

On the off chance, you’re enthused to install the roller shutters on your own, then make sure you have prior experience of doing the sturdy window treatments and have the right tools and equipment handy.

Pros and Cons of Roller Shutters

Pros of Roller Shutters:

Roller shutters bring a whole set of advantages to add panache, sophistication, and value to your home.

·        Enhance the Home’s Security

If your societal area is prone to burglary, vandalism, theft, or robbery, then security roller shutters can work to enhance the security of your house by providing break-in protection.

·        Weather Protection

Another advantage of roller shutters is that they work to shield your doors and windows against bad weather. Neither do they rattle from strong winds, nor do they let the rain or hail come inside your home.

·        Saves Energy

Nowadays, energy has become a priceless entity. It has become extremely important to save energy to avert big electricity bills. Roller Shutters work as an efficient solution for saving energy. It prevents a great amount of sunlight from directly coming inside your house and thus reduces the electricity bills incurred on the air conditioner, fans, etc. Also in winters, you can drag up the roller shutters to take Vitamin D from the sun and avoid using the room heaters.

·        Block out Noise

If you have unpleasant neighbors who love quarreling day and night, then roller shutters can help prevent their noise from getting inside your house. Either if your house is on the main city street where there is a lot of noise from vehicles, roller shutters can work to prevent that noise as well.

Cons of Roller Shutters:

Some of the cons of buying roller shutter include:

·        Cleaning Hassles

Cleaning a roller shutter can be a time-consuming and tiring task. The horizontal slats in the shutters accumulate a good amount of dust, dirt, and other clutter.  The perfect solution for cleaning the exterior of shutters is to get them hosed. While to clean the interior, you will need to pursue the tiring task of cleaning each slat one by one.

·        Operating A Shutter Can Be Challenging

Either it is manual, automatic, or battery-operated; all three have specific problems. On one hand where it becomes troublesome to operate the manual shutters effortlessly and efficiently. Whereas, on the other, it requires a sufficient amount of power and battery to operate the automatic and battery shutters which may be expensive.

·        Condensed Light

As the roller shutters are made up of the highest quality material, they completely block the natural light from entering the room wherever it is fitted. This eventually means that you will have to use a more number of artificial lights at that place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Roller Shutters add value to your residential or commercial property?

Roller Shutters can add warmth and charisma to your home. It is one of the best window treatment ideas that you should consider to add value to your home. If you’re pondering how roller shutters can append the worth of your home. Here are the ways how it can:

·        It provides an extensive level of privacy and security.

·        It reduces the amount of noise entering your house.

·        It reduces overall energy costs.

·        It adds curb appeal to your home.

Why do companies charge such drastically different prices?

You may find a great variation in roller shutter costs from company to company. Itis so because there is no set or pre-defined price for roller shutters. Taking this as an advantage, some companies demand high prices boasting about the quality of their roller shutters.

However, at Half Price Shutters, you will get superior quality roller shutters at great prices. Whether you buy Manual, Automatic or Battery operated roller shutters, you can rest assured of the quality, efficacy, and price of roller shutters.

Is there a warranty on the purchase of Modern Roller Shutters?

Yes, at Half Price Shutters we provide a 5-year warranty on the aluminum shutter curtain and a 5-year warranty on motorization. Besides this, we provide a full after-sales service to all our customers if any issue should arise with our roller Shutters.

Why Choose Half Price Shutters to Buy Modern Roller Shutters?

Roller Shutters is indeed a great investment for your home or commercial property. The stunning facades of modern rollers shutters can make anyone desperate to have them fitted by their doors and windows.

Whether you're looking to update your home décor or improve the energy efficiency or security of your home, look no further than Half Price Shutters.

We have been designing and installing stunning, pragmatic, and inspiring shutters since1998. We have always manufactured a best-in-market range with a design aesthetic matched with durability, precision, and style.

With various functionality and colors to choose from, our Modern roller shutters are the perfect solution. To know the detailed information on the variety and cost of roller shutters, contact the friendly team at Half Price Shutters.


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