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No Time To Die’ Pushed Back to Fall Due to Coronavirus

The world is new and so are the technologies used in today's world, we are moving forward each day, making more and more opportunities.

As the technology evolved we all thought we would be done with the pandemics and all the health issues would be dissolved. We all wish a world where we won't have to be worried about our health, we won't be worried about pandemics and breakouts.

It is a known history that, in every 100 years a disease is wide spread through the world and mind you its deadly and uncontrollable like a zombie apocalypse. For example Plague, AIDS/HIV, Malaria, TB, Hepatitis are some of the diseases which causes thousands of family members to lose their loved ones in the fight against disease.

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As tradition the world has been hit again by another virus named Corona, that is yet incurable has spread worldwide. Thailand and other countries are said to have been working on developing an antidote for it as well as antivirus.

It started to spread from the city of China Wuhan, but it did not remained contained to China, like Influenza it is a disease spread by contact and aerosols thus the I infected person should be isolated. The worst thing about Corona is, it starts like a common flu and the symptoms are loud and clear only when they are on last stage.

Due this, the world has come to a stop.

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People are scared to go out in public or come in contact with other humans. The business is affected drastically. Not just the common business but Hollywood thinks too it is a deadly cause and their business is going down too.

Many of the movies that were going to come out earlier this year had to unfortunately move their dates forward, some even said that they have not yet decided when the movies will be released.

The Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket fear has rooted so deep in people's mind that they have completely refused to come out of their houses.

When asked by the director and producer of the upcoming movie "No Time To Die" about the release of the movie. They seemed infinitely uncertain.

They do not want to risk the lives of people. They have learned that the risk to come out of the homes is greater than any now. They do not want to release the movie because first if they will release the movie it would be stupid, due to fear of the Corona virus no one will go out not just in the States or Kingdom but nowhere in the world. We have already established that the disease is not just contained to Wuhan or China but it has been spread tbrough out the world. The date that has been given is not certain but it's a number, No Time To Die, is now expected to hit cinemas on the 25th of November 2020. We hope that by then the threat of this deadly widespread Virus would be over, we also hope to find cure as well as vaccines for the Corona Virus. The year 2020 has been worst than expected so far. It started with the threat of World War 3, proceeded with massive bushfires in Australia and now the deadly Virus that is contagious is spread. All we can do is pray and keep ourselves clean.

There are some precautions you can take to avoid virus from attacking you.

Try to avoid physical contact with other humans. Yes, this sounds ridiculous and impossible but at least we can avoid contact from people we do not know. Do not shake hands with random people. Do not share your clothes with anyone. Do not share your water bottles with anyone.

Wear masks, not the surgical ones. To prevent yourself from the spread of aerosols wear N95 masks.

Keep yourself hydrated. This is the most crucial part. People often complain about being fatigued and stressed, the main cause is them staying dehydrated. When your body does not have enough water, you will feel fatigued too.

Keep yourself and your clothes clean. If you wear Leather Jackets which most people do. They do not maintain the hygiene which is very dangerous keep your leather jackets clean. Buy yourself new clothes, many are now in fashion like cyberpunk jacket and James Bond Suit etc.


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