What is Erectile Dysfunction? and its many causes, what can be its different symptoms, and what are the treatments given to cure ED.

What is Erectile Dysfunction? and its Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

A person's inability to keep or maintain penile erections during sexual intercourse is known as Erectile Dysfunction. If a person has Erectile Dysfunction, the erection hardly happens, or if it happens, it only stays for a few minutes. 

Any psychological or physical cause, stress, anxiety, and depression can give rise to erection issues. But as the age increases, ED issues become more common, especially after the age of 40. 

What is Erectile Dysfunction? and its Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

8 out of 10 people suffer from erection failures but do they know what is erectile dysfunction and facts related to ED? You can learn about ED issues, and by doing that, you can eliminate the chances of ED and perform better sexually to stay young. 

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction, also known as Impotence, is the issue that prevents a person from getting firm erections and erections that last long during sexual intercourse. 

Erection issues prevent a couple from achieving pleasurable sexual time and creates dissatisfaction. Sometimes it creates stress and low self-esteem in males and sometimes results in failed marriages. 

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Learning about erection dysfunction causes can help an individual from getting severe ED problems as they can take needful precautions at the correct time. While if there is a delay in the treatment, ED can stay forever in a body. 

Doctors did not found any particular causes that give rise to ED issues in males, but they're the most seen, and examined ones are related to psychological problems. If a person has depression, stress or is nervous about performing sexual activity, then the chances of PE are pretty often. 

While the other physical causes of PE are as follows:

  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Past relationship guilt 
  • Pooer communication among partners 
  • Performance pressure 

And many more 

Is Erectile Dysfunction Normal After the Age of 40 and above?

 Surveys have shown that people above the age of 40 are known to have ED as compared to ones below 40. 

Is Erectile Dysfunction Normal After the Age of 40 and above?

People who say that ED and aging are two unlikely terms with no relation, then they are wrong. The reason why people encounter ED is because of the improper blood flow in the male reproductive part. 

Males with the age group of 40 above have some of the other health issues like diabetes, heart issues, high blood pressure, and various others. And it is common to have these issues in your late 40s. But the reason why people get these health issues is improper blood flow, whether it is heart issues or diabetes. 

The early signs of ED in males below 35 are mostly psychological issues like stress, anxiety, and depression, etc. that affect a person’s mind and make them face erection issues. Or we can also say that ED and psychological factors are two bidirectional or two-way things. If a person has depression and stress, then it can lead to ED, and a person having erection issues feels stressed and depressed. 

Other Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The other widely seen cause of ED is atherosclerosis in which the arteries get so hard that blood flow in the body gets low. It is commonly seen because of smoking, high cholesterol, and obesity as the blood flow is not proper and prevents erection in a body. 

Health issues like diabetes, low cholesterol level, and cardio-vascular diseases are generally the physical causes of Erectile Dysfunction. 

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Chirag Bhandari ( a leading sexologist in Jaipur) says- there can be several signs that will show a person that he is having an ED issue. It can be severe or minor, depending upon the cause. By determining the early symptom of ED, one can increase the chances of getting a cure for those causes.

Here are the most commonly seen symptoms of ED: 

  • Low sexual desires to perform sex.
  • Not able to get stable and firm erections regularly.
  • Feels stress and depressed more frequently.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment 

Getting a proper Erectile Dysfunction treatment is needful if you want to eliminate ED from your body entirely. By using a combination of medicines, drugs, talk therapy or sometimes surgery, you can get rid of erection issues completely. 

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Here are some ways through which one can cure Impotence:

1. Medication 

Depending upon the extent of ED in a body, the doctors prescribe you a medication set to help you manage your erection issues. You may have to use several medicines before you find your ideal one. 


One of the best medicines used for ED issues are :

  • Avanafil 
  • Sildenafil 
  • Tadalafil

You can buy the medicines mentioned above or other tablets for treating erectile dysfunction on Ohman. Ohman is a website that is dedicated to male sexual health and wellness. They offer medication for all types of sexual dysfunction at one platform. 

2. Behavioural Therapy 

There are times when not anything but behavioral therapies can help you overcome erections failures. When the cause of ED is psychological like poor communication between couples, then behavioral therapies are used. 

Using behavioral therapies, one can get rid of ED causes like stress, depression, anxiety, and many more. 

Institute of Andrology and Sexual health is a one-stop-solution for all types of sexual dysfunction problems in Jaipur. The clinic is led by a renowned sexologist and male sexual health expert- Dr. Chirag Bhandari and his team of the city’s best doctors. They are experts in treating every kind of sexual issue and provide treatment with the highest success rates in the whole town. They will examine your entire medical history and cause of erection failure to design an ideal treatment that suits you the best. They make sure that once they eliminate ED from your life, it never comes back again. 

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