Many citizens in Pakistan do not have a debit or credit card and those who do not use it too much for online purchases.

What is Cash on delivery?

Cash on delivery or COD, it can be called many names like payment on delivery. It is the sale by mail where delivery is paid upfront instead of advance. If the item is not accounted for, it is returned to the seller. The payment doesn’t necessarily have to be in cash as it can also be paid through checks and debit or credit cards on delivery. This is a more secure way of payment for the buyer as they can assess the package on delivery. 

Many citizens in Pakistan do not have a debit or credit card and those who do not use it too much for online purchases. Debit cards are used mainly for collecting cash from ATMs but not for electronic transactions. Hence COD is the perfect way for an e-commerce retailer to reach out to customers even though they have no means to make an electronic purchase.

If you find that there have been so many instances where you are buying things but you are given something you did not even order. Many instances like these are common in advanced payments, it also makes the online shopping engagement cycle very difficult. On the opposite, once you've charged electronically, you're going to have to request transfers which could take a little longer again. Also, Pakistani people like to look at the product visually before charging, the sensation and contact of the product are what we purchase. These conditions, COD comes as a reasonable choice for consumers to test the commodity before they pay for it.

Which courier companies provide cash on delivery service in Pakistan?

Cash on delivery is the best option for people who like to order things online but are too afraid to give their credit or debit card detail online. Here are the best courier companies to provide cash on delivery service in Pakistan

Swyft Logistics

Swyft Logistics is among the largest courier provider in Pakistan. Swyft is trying to reinvent logistics in Pakistan by remaining on with the market in real-time, by digital payments that reduce transaction times and guarantee a delivery period of only a few hours. Swyft is the country's first digital, data-driven distribution company with technological capabilities that cease to amaze. The power to still offer no latency reactions to customers and vendors makes them superior to any other courier company. They do their best to offer the service their customer desires. 


Swyft has many strong suites but cash on delivery service in Pakistan may just be their strongest suit. The way Swyft Logistic handles the packages is outstanding as they know how valuable the item inside the package is for the customer. Through an outstanding administration and professional employees, Swyft Logistics can reach quality requirements expected by the top service providers worldwide. They are well checked by repeat users, who prefer Swyft Logistics over other courier firms for their company and personal needs. They are delivering the absolute finest operation. Swyft Logistics allows the shipping of products simpler for customers by remaining secure in their home and convenient access to Internet purchases. Swyft Logistic extends across Pakistan by 2020, making it convenient for all residents to send parcels anytime and everywhere.


Customers are provided with the finest quality of service from this courier company. Swyft is fond of providing top quality support and is consistent over time. Their cash on delivery service in Pakistan treats every customer well, and each delivery is identical to the last one. They know they have to bring your delivery to your destination securely and on schedule. The way to represent the business is through Swyft Logistics.


When you trust a delivery service with your business items, you anticipate value, Swyft's the right option for you if you think this way. You know you ought to think about other issues and they don't make you stress over the goods not hitting their destinations on time. Swyft Logistics does not cause you to worry about your products 'handling and safety; they do allow you to submit your items through them and they will ensure you that your items are in good hands.

Leopards Courier cash on delivery service in Pakistan

Through their Cash on Distribution Packages, they aim to extend the company nationally. Leopards utilize the most powerful e-commerce platform to help you hit more than 1,500 country destinations and collect your payment within three days.

With the aid of Leopards, they seek to increase the revenue, income and attract new clients. Our COD offerings are targeted towards raising the possibility of theft and default. Keep up to date with their round-the-clock client care and shipping monitoring software on your shipments. Shipments shipped to metropolitan cities within 24-36 hours.


TCS provides COD services to support the online sellers, make these sellers deliver the products to the consumers and get cash through TCS. TCS Ecommerce Solutions is a company that serves the expectations of all potential E-Retailers that want their consumers to get products rapidly streaming. TCS Ecom Solutions provides a full spectrum of services from quick shipping planning to smooth last-mile delivery, including improved order monitoring, prompt email, SMS updates, fast funds transfer and flexible return options to help your online company.

Which courier company to pick?

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference but it would be good to keep in mind the professionalism provided by Swyft Logistics. Swyft will deal with your shipping requirements and busy days. They predict busy hours and days and have ample drivers on their payroll to satisfy their customer’s demands by phone, no matter what day or night. You realize the company isn't stopped at night every day. We would be accessible after hours on holidays to ensure that the packages go wherever they need to go.


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