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I'm not bothered by this stuff if they're

I'm not bothered by this stuff if they're up front. To WOW TBC Gold obtain the trinket I was in my SP group for 11 days straight. I made sure that my 2 DPS did not require it. Many people wanted the leather legs or to just turn their attune in. It's worse when they do not tell you until they're on the street or even worse off at the boss. Then, they'll have their buddies all roll on it . They can then trade it for them.

It was difficult to farm bis gear for someone with an entire bis rogue alt. Between the time I was 70, my mage was only around 50% bis. Making tailoring equipment is easy. In Kara too each physical dp has most of the same equipment, while my mage hardly needed gear from Prince left when I hit 70. Rogue is more difficult to get to as compared to my mage, or my ele shaman. The combopoint, uptime-, cooldown- and energy management between dps and imp ea are a nightmare when compared to blasting bolts, and yet causing a lot less damage.

There's nothing left however there is a fable that "rogues and garbage" individuals take to heart. In the majority of my Dungeons, I fight for the top the dps. There is like 1 part of the content we're not able to compete with and every player slanders rogues.

Also, they have a tough when it comes to joining raids, as raids are only interested in 1, if they have enough physical dps that they can support it. If they do eventually get accepted, they'll have to upgrade their spec to better expose armour. This is basically a buff that players must spec to. This means you'll need to spec every whenever you want to take on pvp or raids.

All the power they have could be derived from a different class that can do more the damage than them. In addition to being the number 1 pick for PVP, it leaves a lot of rogues with the ability to pvp but not capable of pvp. That's unfortunate because rogues bis-pvp gear will require the use of lots of pve items which means that if you're not "the guild rogue that is set up to get warglaives" you'll have a difficult time pvping because everyone else will out gear you.

At the time, a mage who is fresh can push a button and, if they are not out of dps should at the very least be able to compete with the geared rogue. Along with that, bring sheep (much more durable than sap), frost nova, water/food for the team and buff. Aoe is also a must.

However, we mostly do decent DPS but we don't add anything significant to the group. No AOE, b+ tier damage, no buffs. If you're limited to buy WOW Classic TBC Gold one or two slots, don't bring them. They also share a lot of loot with 2 classes that bring stuff to the group.


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