In this article you will learn about the role of smart lighting and its several benefits in today's modern world.

smart lighting

smart lighting

What is Smart Lighting & What Are it's Benefits?

Smart lighting is a lighting technology that is specially designed for convenience and security. This is the type of lighting system that can be controlled from an application of your mobile phone. You can control lights with your voice, change the brightness of the bulbs, and if the bulbs have colored LEDs then you can change the color effect also. There is totally different set of possibilities that opens up as you can switch from one lighting effect to another by just clicking on your smartphone or just giving instructions to a voice-activated personal assistant.

How does smart light work?

Smart lighting uses IoT-enabled sensors or adapters that allow users to manage their home or office lighting with their smartphones. Smart lights are operated using smartphone applications or smart voice assistants you just need an internet connection or Bluetooth via a smart hub or directly. Using wire or wireless connections smart lights are connected with motion sensors and when these sensors detect motion it sends a signal to Hub or to the smart light to turn it on. Smart lights can also be controlled using IFTTT (IF THIS THEN THAT) and this is the condition-based technology. This is the collaboration of the controlled technologies and sensors along with communication and information technology that can give us real-time insights.

LED bulb

LED bulb

Benefits of Smart Lighting

Here are some of the smart lighting benefits which will help you to know more about it.

1. Energy Efficiency

When you have the power to dim the lights easily so it's even easier to save energy also. When your room or workplaces unoccupied you can instruct the light to shut off and switch on only when some motion is detected in that space. And with the use of LED bulbs, you can even conserve more energy. LEDs consume less energy without adjusting the brightness of the light.

2. Comfortable and convenient

Smart light controlling is very easy. You can just sit at your desk, lay on your bed, and still can have access to the lighting system. As you don't have to physically go from one room to the other or from one place at your workplace to another if you forgot to switch off the lights. Just control it from your app and the work will be done so the manual process has been reduced. There are even some lights with which you can adjust the brightness and intensity according to your needs and requirements.

3. More attractive and decorative

You can make the appearance of your work space or any area more attractive and beautiful with the use of smart lighting. Changing the decor and appearance of your work space according to the people working there will increase their efficiency and productivity in their work which will eventually benefit the company. For family functions or parties, smart lighting makes the mood even better and cheerful. If smart lights with built-in speakers are installed you can even play the music wherever it is installed.

4. Scheduling

With the feature called home lighting automation, you can set a schedule for your lighting like you can turn on or off at specific time and you can set this according to you. While this is not possible in the case of normal lights. This will deter burglars who are keeping a watch on your property and you can have peace of mind even when you are not present at your place. So you don't have to worry about the safety of your place if you have this lighting system.

5. Lights as a notification

This is a great smart lighting benefit. Lights can function as signals for other events also, these lights can serve as a notifier for anything. Smart lights can visually inform you if someone is outside your place, when there is loud music there is a chance that you don't hear the doorbell or someone at your place but with the use of smart lighting, your activities can be easily performed.


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