Ludo might be seen as an ordinary game to many people. However, you require proper strategy and game plan to win any round of Ludo.

What is Ludo?

Ludo is known for being not only the most popular game among children but for people of all ages and walks of life. Although history confers how the game originated in India, with the names of Pachisi, Chausar, and Chopad, Ludo went on to become one of the most popular board games worldwide. The game has got individual names in different countries. For instance, it was called Parchis in Spain and Chatush Pada (meaning four clothes) in China. The game was also called Uckers by the Royal Navy and Parcheesi in the United States of America. In Africa, however, the game had the name Ludu. Nowadays, the game is known as Ludo universally.

Ludo might be seen as an ordinary game to many people. However, you require proper strategy and game plan to win any round of Ludo. The game also aids in the development of your cognitive skills. If you are interested in learning how to play Ludo game online, Ludo Fantasy is here to guide you. The startup provides a virtual setting where you cannot only learn how to play with practice matches but also play with other people at any place and time.

What is Ludo?

Ludo is a strategy board game, played by 2 to 4 players together. There are 4 sets of tokens and each player takes one set. The sets are divided into 4 colors - red, green, yellow and blue. Each sets consists of 4 tokens or coins. The players race their tokens based on the rolls of the dice. The one (or team) who finishes the course first becomes the winner. The game has similar rules everywhere in the world and seems to be largely derived from the ancient Indian game of Pachisi. In fact, Ludo is much simpler than Pachisi. The game is really popular in several countries under a variety of names.

History of Ludo

The history of Ludo can be traced back to the caves of Ellora. There are many illustrations on the walls of the caves that reflect the existence of Pachisi around the 6th century.

While the exact pattern of modern-day Ludo is not similar to the ancient game of Pachisi, there are many similarities. Previously, the game was also played with cloth, slate, boards using seeds, shells, staves or dice. With the passage of time, the game started to vary in different versions but the overall essence remained the same. Nowadays, there are many online versions of Ludo. It can be played at any time with different people around the world.

How is the Game Played?

The rules of the game are fairly simple. However, in order to win, you would need to practice and be able to have a great strategy in place. The steps are, however, very easy to understand.

- The game of Ludo consists of a board, 4 sets of tokens or coins (each set has 4 of them) and a dice. Arrange the tokens and coins on squares of the same color. If there are 2 players, sit diagonally opposite to each other. If there are 3 players, one corner will be vacant and in the case of 4 players, all the squares are filled.

- In order to start the game, you have to score either 6 (the highest) or 1 (the lowest) with the dice. Once it is scored, you can take the coins or tokens out of the pocket and start the journey. Each player has to score either of the two numbers to get their coins out of the pockets. After that, you can count the other numbers.

- If you throw 3 consecutive 6’s, then you have to pass on the turn to the next player. Your turn becomes null and void.

- If your coin reaches the position where your opponent’s coin is, you can “kill” it, unless it is in the safe zone. Each pocket has 2 safe zones - one is marked with a star and the other is marked with an arrow. If your opponent’s token has reached the home, that is the place in the middle of the board, then it is safe too.

- A partner cannot “kill” their teammate’s coins but help them do the same to their opponents. Once one of the teammate’s coins reach home, they can help their partner with their coins. If you want to protect your partner’s coin from being “killed,” you can also form a block or a pile to save it.

Online Version of Ludo

Ludo Fantasy is one of the best online games. You would be able to earn real-time money with it. There are 4 ways to play Ludo Fantasy:

- Practice Match

- Private Room

- Play with Money (4 Token Game)

- Quick Money Mode

Final Take

Ludo Fantasy has been rising in terms of popularity, especially during the lockdown. More and more people are reconnecting with the game and enjoying their time while being at home.


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