The products you find on the market tend to be of an economic nature, but they will give you considerable safety performance.

There are some important factors to consider while purchasing these type of car accessories. Some factors to consider while buying the right wheel chocks for your vehicle needs:


An important factor to consider is the shape of the wedge. Although all models are made with an inclined plane, they can be of different shapes and sizes. Some products have a curved design to accommodate the shape of your vehicles tyres 

The best way to understand the size of the wedge is by measuring the height of the tires. The size of the wheel wedge should be about 25% of the height of the tire for it to be effective. Also, keep in mind the terrain you will use them on. If it is a steep slope, it is advisable to take it a little higher to ensure the safe locking of the light truck tyres. In these cases, it is also essential to use more than one wedge and including support of a ground leveler.

Read the specifications of each product so you can determine which one is best for you. If you find the right one for your vehicle and use it correctly, it will give you better performance.


The most important feature of a solid chock wedge is the amount of grip it provides. There are two main sources for that traction: the lower part of the wedge and the side of the wheel. The lower part should have notches, tips or other types of traction to provide the safest grip. On the side of the wheel, it is important to check that there are deep grooves. These will provide maximum support and effectively block the wheels from moving.


The next thing to consider is the material. Most wheel chock wedges are made of plastic or metal. There are aluminum wedges with teeth on the bottom. These teeth grab the ground surface to give your vehicle the stability it needs to stay still.

There are also rubber or synthetic wheel wedges with a non-slip feature. These provide stability by creating friction with the soil surface. 

Some wedges are made of molded urethane or recycled rubber, both are very robust. These type of wheel chock scan last longer as they are resistant to abrasion and weather damage. Furthermore, wheel wedges made of urethane do not get spoil if they come in contact with solvents and oils.

Brand name

Finally, the brand is also worth considering. Since wheel chocks are not very expensive items, it might be a good idea to invest some extra money to buy them from a well-known brand.

The wedges of known brands are generally made in compliance with the most stringent safety standards. They are subjected to comprehensive tests and are perfected with continuous innovation. This will make you feel safer than the local product you might be buying. Furthermore, good customer service can be provided while buying these accessories.


A pair of wheel chocks do not require a high investment. In online sales, you can find cheaper plastic models for less than 10 euros. If you are looking for something more robust to lock the wheels of a larger vehicle, you can spend about fifteen euros.


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