You might be one of those guys who has all those cool football jerseys stashed in in your closet.

You know, the premium ones that contain the classic legends name. Now here arrives game day. Suppose you are a Patriots fan and have acrisp new Tom Brady jersey. You take it out and put it on with a pair of jeans and some slippers and head out for the game. Is that outfit appropriate? I’m pretty sure a lot of you would think that it is okay but seriously, stop.

It could’ve been such an amazing outfit and you just ruined it. People think, “just putting on a cool jersey makes me look good and the outfit is complete” unfortunately, that is not always the case so please just stop thinking in that manner. Style plays an important part and you should always dress the right way.
Here are some tips to wearing football jerseys casually. Follow these tips and avoid looking like a fool.

Tip #1: Do not, I repeat. Do not wear a personalized jersey.
I understand that a lot of people think it is cool to have your name on the back of your favourite team’s jersey. I mean it is a dream of every person to be starting out for their favourite team. But that in no way makes it appropriate for you to wear a jersey that has your name on it.  I mean it is okay if you wear it at your home but in public that is a big no no. Go for a star player or a club legend.Always wear a jersey with some star power. Trust me it looks way cooler than having a football jersey with your name on it.

Tip #2: Don’t ever tuck your football jerseys in.
Seriously do I have to explain this too? Tucking your football jerseys in while wearing them casually should be a crime. I mean these jerseys are supposed to be comfortable and relaxed let them be that way. Besides, out of a football field without the other attire it really looks ugly. Trust me if it wasn’t a compulsion, even football players would’ve kept their jerseys untucked on the field. When going let them be untucked, be comfortable and have that swagger.

Tip #3: Always wear an undershirt.
Gone are the days when it was cool to flaunt your manly chest hair. In today’s time you’ll just be labelled as a perv. if you do that. So just don’t. Wear a raglan or nice fitted t-shirt underneath your jersey. Believe me it look good.Now I know that a lot of you live in hot climatic areas such as Florida, Texas and etc. You guys should also wear something underneath. Go for soft thin cotton t-shirts. Whatever you do, do not go out there wearing your football jersey without something underneath.

Tip #4: Always wear a football jersey that fits you perfectly.
This is a basic rule of fashion. Always wear clothes that fit you properly.Some over sized winter styles look great but the keyword here is “SOME”. Always try to wear the clothes that fit you perfectly. Ill-fitted clothes look shabby and portrays an image that you don’t care how you look. That certainly isn't the case (as you are reading this article). So always go for the right fit,especially when you are wearing football jerseys in public.

Tip #5: Dress according to you environment
The environment plays a massive role in how you dress up. Let’s say you’re walking in sunny California in the middle of the day. What would you think if you saw someone wearing a faux jacket walking on the road? Yup, you don’t have to say it. Likewise choosing the right undershirt, pants, shorts, shoes and other accessories is very important. If you are watching the game on the beach side, wear flip flops and beach shorts likewise if you are watching the game in a nice sports bar. Wear nice fitted chinos and some classy sneakers when you go out. Always try to dress according to the place, you’ll always look good.

Tip #6: Dress up according to your age.
A lot of people think that it doesn’t matter and that age is just a number.Well it is not. If you’re old, you’re old. No matter what you do you can’t be young again. So please refrain from wearing clothes that don’t fit your age.Stay classy, wear fashionable clothes and styles but always dress according to your age.


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