Many people frown at the word “refurbished”, but they don’t actually know that refurbished monitors are perfectly fine, especially if your vendor is reputable.

They can be as good as new or should be very close to new with only some minor imperfections. Plus, they are a great deal cheaper. Sometimes refurbished monitors are display models or people return them because they accidentally ordered the wrong model and didn’t notice until they opened the box.

In some other cases, the monitor might have been defective and was fixed or received some damage during shipping.

Always pay close attention to your refurbished monitor after receiving it. There could be minor scratches or dings along the sided, but as long as the screen is in good condition and works fine, the monitor is worth it. If you see any issues with the screen, return it to get your money back or exchange it with some other refurbished model. Also, be clear on the return or exchange policy.

Now without any further ado, let’s look at some of the best refurbished monitors for 2020.



Size  32-inches
Display 2560 x 1440
Ports Display Port  1.2, HDMI port, Mini Display Port and earphone jack, USB 3.0 ports.
Response Time  4 - 5ms
Refresh Rate  144Hz

The ASUS XG32VQ is a gaming monitor that combines its 32-inch curved screen with a 144Hz refresh rate, gorgeous visuals, and AMD Free Sync to deliver an immersive and responsive gaming experience. As its an ASUS gaming monitor, there are plenty of exclusive features like RGB lighting, rich connectivity options, and premium ROG Strix branding and design.

The screen has a 2560×1440 WQHD resolution and offers a clear and sharp picture with a pixel density of 93 pixels per inch (PPI). That’s the same as a 1080p at 24-inch.Plus, we found no excessive backlight bleeding, the display was flicker-free,and the viewing angles didn’t cause any huge shift in contrast or colour.

HP EliteDisplayE243d


Size       23.8-inches
Display  1920 x 1080
Ports     HDMI (HDCP 1.4), VGA USB-C 3.1, Display Port 1.2 out, 4-port USB hub, RJ-45, 3.5mm audio out
Response Time       6 - 10ms
Refresh Rate  60Hz 

The HP Elite Display E243d is a docking monitor that’s not to be underestimated. It’s got everything you would normally relate with a docking station.  This is the ideal monitor for hotdesking environments and will prove to be an incredibly convenient device for users. Oh, and it works great as well.

The 23.8-inch is plenty big enough for all of your basic needs. The 1920x1080 resolution is still sharp enough for watching various TV-shows and movies on Netflix. We had a great time writing this review on it. The IPS panel lets you watch the screen even from some very awkward angles and its well-suited for office environments.There’s no built-in speaker, but you can still connect headphones via the 3.5mm jack on the left side.

The display has around 90% of the sRGB gamut, making colour reproduction incredibly accurate.It’s also bright enough for office use, hitting a peak of 264cd/m² in our tests, which was actually brighter than what actually HP promised. There’s an anti-glare filter that prevents reflections from overhead lighting. As for the stand, it has plenty of tilt options and can swivel 45° in either direction.

Dell P2720DC


Size 27-inches
Display 2560 x 1440
Response Time 4 - 5ms
Refresh Rate 60Hz 

The Dell P2720DC’s 27-inch screen has IPS technology and a normal widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio.The screen is placed in a matte-black cabinet. There are very few bezels on this display, 0.6-inch below the screen and insignificantly small to the sides and top, which just makes it more appealing as multi-monitor setup candidate.

One of the best things about P2720 DC is its large variety of ports. Its USB-C port supports DisplayPort over USB and power delivery of up to 65 watts, allowing the monitor to power and even charge a laptop that’s in connection with it.

We did some of our own tests by viewing all types of documents, web pages, videos, and images on the screen. It delivered bright, vibrant colours in pictures and videos. The text looked very sharp and business graphics looked clean.


We hope this article was able to help you buy the best monitor for your needs. If you would like to see more refurbished monitor deals before making a final decision, click this link to view our stock. Good luck!


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