Going to fly soon? Worried about how to keep you safe while flying during the Covid-19 pandemic? Know what are the things to keep in mind “flying during Covid-19 pandemic"

With the surge in numbers of vaccination drives people who had confined themselves to their homes are now wanting to travel. The travel industry has also started noticing a surge of demand after 2 years of complete losses. If you are also eager to travel, then this article is for you.

Although the number of Covid-19 cases has hit the lowest in 2 years In many parts of the world. And some countries have declared themselves as Covid-19 free. If we believe experts then Covid-19 is going to be a part of our life for a longer duration of time.

And nobody can confine himself in a home for so long. So, the new normal includes living with precautionary measures. And the same goes with traveling. The new normal in traveling includes traveling while taking precautionary measures. Wondering what the things to keep in mind“flying during Covid-19 pandemic”?

If yes, our article on things to keep in mind" flying during the Covid-19 pandemic” is here to help. Now, take the awaited flight from London to USA or travel to any part of the world. Just follow these tips and ensure a safe flying experience.

Book air tickets at the time 

Yes, we are recommending you book tickets last minute. Yes, these can be heavy on your pocket but nothing is more important than your safety. Also, many countries are imposing lockdown again and aren’t welcoming foreign travelers to their countries.

Like, you book a ticket in flight from USA to London. And just before a few days of your traveling schedule, Londonwitnesses the highest surge in Covid-19 cases in 6 months. Thus the government imposes a sudden lockdown and your flight end up getting canceled. Now, you have left with no other option than to wait for the credit points which will take longer than you are expecting.

Fly direct

Yes, connecting flights are a great option for money-saving purposes. But the primary goal while traveling during the Covid-19pandemic is your safety. And direct flights are surely safer than connecting flights. The more countries you will land before reaching your destination the more number of times you have to go through the screening process. 

Thus, you will come in contact with more people. Which only increases your risk of getting infected. Thus, try to fly direct and if you have a time crunch then book non-stop flights.

Choose airline wisely

You have to be wise while selecting the airlines you are going to fly with. Check whether an airline is blocking the middle seat to ensure the safety of the passengers. As only a few airlines are doing this and are taking passenger safety seriously.

Go through the seating structure of an airline to check their seating arrangement. And book tickets with an airline that is ensuring passengers' safety.

Never remove your mask

Precaution is always better than cure, and thus keeping your mask on is your primary responsibility. Try to keep a distance from people and avoid standing too close. Wear only a doctor-recommended mask. A face mask will help you while standing in queues or waiting for your luggage with many other people.

Be aware of the rules and restrictions

Due to Covid-19, almost every country in the world has issued some rules and restrictions for foreign travelers. Many countries are allowing only the entry of completely vaccinated travelers.

Having proper knowledge of these rules and restrictions before visiting a country is important. And if you don’t follow any of the rules or restrictions, you may not be able to enter the country.

Use a hand sanitizer

 You can’t always find water and soap while traveling. Although every airplane bathroom has both of them going to the bathroom every time before and after touching something can be tiresome. Keeping a hand sanitizer handy will save you from making unnecessary rounds to the bathroom. While keeping you safe from the Covid-19 virus.

Sanitize everything

Although airlines are sanitizing their planes after every flight, carrying a sanitizer with you is a safer option. Sanitize your seat, and leg space area before using it for sitting purposes.

Carry your food

Eating airplane and airports food can be risky during this time. Thus we advise you to carry your own food. You can pack things like dry fruits, fruits salad, vegetable salad and sandwiches along with you. Also, this food will prevent indigestion which is common after eating outside food.


Vitamins like Vitamin C are great immunity boosters. And help you prevent Covid-19. Thus carry Vitamin C and Zinc tablets along with you. And consume them according to the prescription. 

Otherwise, consult with your doctor and ask him to prescribe you some immunity boosters and essential vitamins to keep you safe during your flight.

Avoid touching anything

Places like airports witness thousands of passengers daily and can be home to many germs. Thus, avoid touching surfaces to stay safe during your trip. Also, sanitize your hands every time you touch anything or anyone to ensure your safety.

Download e-boarding pass

Many airlines have started providing the thee-check-in options to their passengers. In this way, they can collect an ane-boarding pass on their device and use it later for flight boarding purposes. 

Check with your airlines and find out if they provide the e-boarding pass services. And f they do the all you have to do is download an application stated by the airline. Then check-in online and collect your e-boarding pass. This will help you avoid standing in long queues and ensure minimal human contact.

Wear comfortable clothes

Wear clothes that are made of breathable fabric and have long sleeves. Avoid wearing clothes that keep your body uncovered from several areas. As the virus enters after coming in touch with the skin, make sure your body stays fully covered while taking the flight.

Get fully vaccinated

Your safety is your responsibility and vaccination is a great way to ensure it. Make sure to get fully vaccinated before traveling to another country. An unvaccinated person not only puts himself in danger but also the people closest to him. Thus, Be responsible, get your vaccination done.



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