The monsoon month of July in India brings natural places alive and the refreshing beauty of nature is such a joy to experience! Check out the 6 best places to visit in India in July.

Top places in India to visit during the month of July

The monsoon month of July in India brings natural placesalive and the refreshing beauty of nature during the peak monsoon season issuch a joy to experience! While most people prefer to enjoy the rains from thecomfort of their homes, there are certain travelers who venture out in themonsoon to witness nature at its best. July weather is pleasant for sightseeingand, with due care, your July trip to India could become one of the mostmemorable experiences. There are many destinations that are worth exploring inthe monsoon season, and here we have listed 7 of the top places to visit inIndia in July!


Known for its dramatic landscapes, Ladakh is a place like noother. Bordered by the Karakoram Mountains in the north and the Great Himalayasin the south, Ladakh is dotted with rugged mountains, frosty glaciers,glistening lakes, deep valleys, and Buddhist monasteries. The Leh-Ladakh biketrip has always been a dream journey for avid bikers. From high-altitudetrekking and hiking to camel safari, rafting, and wildlife spotting, Ladakh hasa lot on offer for outdoor lovers in the monsoon season.

 Must-see places: Zanskar Valley, Nubra Valley, Pangong TsoLake, Khardung-La Pass, Magnetic Hill, Spituk Gompa, Shey Monastery, and HemisNational Park

Valley of Flowers National Park:

A lush green valley carpeted with colorful flowers is asight to behold! You just cannot miss this gorgeous valley brimming with exoticand rare species of plants, blooming in full swing in the monsoon season. TheValley of Flowers, snuggled in the lap of misty Himalayan mountains, literallybursts into blooms come July and is one of the top places to visit in India inJuly. Apart from rare flowers, the valley is also home to several endangeredanimals, including snow leopard, Asiatic deer, blue sheep, and musk deer. Thisvalley rich in biodiversity is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 Amarnath Cave:

Situated in Jammu and Kashmir, Amarnath Cave dedicated toLord Shiva is a sacred place for Hindus. The cave is situated at an altitude of3,888 m and requires you to take a challenging trek up the Himalayas of Kashmirto reach it. Amarnath Cave surrounded by snowy peaks is famous for the iceShivalinga which appears every year in July-August. Millions of devoteesundertake the holy pilgrimage (yatra) to Amarnath Cave for the darshan of LordShiva in the form of ice. This Yatra taken for religious and spiritual reasonsalso satisfies your need for adventure in the mountains.


The capital of Meghalaya is one of the best places to visitin India in July. With cloudy skies, pleasant weather, tranquil lakes, mistyvalleys, pastures, rolling hills, and rushing waterfalls along the hill slopes,this hill station in the North East mesmerizes travelers with its stunningscenery. The monsoon drizzles add to the beauty of this place, and so, the‘Scotland of the East’ welcomes nature lovers in large numbers inmonsoons.     

Must-see places: Shillong peak, Elephanta Waterfalls, UmiamLake, Lady Hydari Park, Don Bosco Museum, Nohkalikai Falls, Ward's Lake, andShillong Golf Course.


Located in Karnataka, Agumbe is a high-altitude villagesurrounded by the lush green mountains of the Western Ghats. This placereceives heavy rainfall and hence is referred to as the 'Cherrapunji of SouthIndia'. Rains pour life into the rainforests of Agumbe, and the best way toexperience monsoons in Agumbe is to follow its hiking trails and discover itsscenic beauty and its rich biodiversity. The rejuvenating views of verdantmountains, valleys, and gushing waterfalls fill your soul with peace!   

Must-see places: Jogigundi Falls, Sunset Point, BarkanaFalls, Kunchikal Falls, Rainforest Research Station, Koodlu Theertha Falls, andSomeshwara Wildlife Sanctuary.


Set in the Arabian Sea, Lakshadweep – meaning an archipelagoof a hundred thousand islands – is among the top places to visit in India inJuly if an island getaway is what you are looking for! Featuring stunning coralreefs and a lovely coastline dotted with coconut and palm trees, Lakshadweep ismostly uninhabited and its untouched beauty is to die for! Unwind on itsless-crowded beaches enjoying the cool sea breeze and indulge yourself in avariety of water sports, including snorkeling, scuba diving, kite surfing, reefwalking, canoeing, fishing, etc.

 Must-see places: Agatti Island, Kavaratti Island, KavarattiMarine museum, Bangaram Island, Minicoy Lighthouse, Parelli Island, KadmatIsland, and Pitti Bird Sanctuary.

                     Some other places you could consider for your July vacation in Indiainclude Goa, Darjeeling, Spiti Valley, Dalhousie, Coorg, Mussoorie, Ooty,Lonavala, Udaipur, Kerala, Kodaikanal, Panchgani, Tawang, Mahabaleshwar, andmore. The list of the best places to visit in India in July seems to be unending,all thanks to the monsoon charm. Plan your trip now, and book your flights to India right away as advance bookings help you grab the lowest airfare! Book with Indian Eagle and save big!


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