The custom logo is the custom-made logo for companies by professional designers or by custom logo design agencies.

What is the difference between a logo and a custom logo? Logos are a visual representation of your brand and tell your company's identity. In contrast, the custom logo is the custom-made logo for companies by professional designers or by custom logo design agencies.

Logos are vital not only for small scale businesses but also for large scale businesses.

A solid visual logo helps in the formation of potential customers and positively impacts your company's reputation in the market; however, a poorly designed logo will ruin your chances of success. Thus, having a strong logo is a necessity.

That is why large and small companies hire professional designers or custom logo design agencies to make a unique, attractive and powerful logo.

The logo making procedure is a long process, which can take days or sometimes months to create. But in this long process, not only amateurs make mistakes, but also professional designer make mistakes.

In this article, we will highlight few mistakes that a designer makes while making a logo.

Not Understanding the Essence of Logo

Logos communicates the company's story, messages and strategies effectively.

So, while making a logo, keep yourself in the customer's shoes then you'll be able to understand the customer's needs, customer behavior, and psychology. This will eventually help you in building a powerful logo.

Timeless Logos

We, people of this era, love to make things according to the ongoing trend.

But in the field of logo designing, it is better not to follow the trend because we do not want a logo that can be used for a specific period and goes to waste. So, your logo should be long-lasting and durable.

The immortality of the logo in the marketing industry plays a vital role in the success of the company identity and loyalty.

Twinning Tea, Stella Artois, Bass Ale and Shell Oil are the world oldest and time less logos.

Lack of Planning

Planning is an integral part of designing. It includes researching and sketching a logo initially.

Designers who are working solo have more chances of skipping this step while designers working in a group or a custom logo design agency follow all the steps of the logo-making process, as in a group or an agency analyst.

Therefore, planning is an important step that designers should not ignore, and if it is omitted, the result will always have a poor logo design.

Avoid Copying and Plagiarism

Copying and practicing plagiarism is unethical in the working field, and it shows the dishonest and corrupt nature of the designer or a custom logo design agency.

Copying and infringing logos of the other company will result in legal penalties to you or your company. You have to pay a large sum of money, and there are also chances of being banned by the courts and will ruin your chances of having a successful career.

It is not an excellent approach to copy or infringe logos to gain large bucks in a short time. Eventually, it will come back to you in the form of legal penalties and punishments.

Remember that, after you've checked the plagiarism test, then apply for copyright and trade mark so that no one can steal your logo.

Lack of Communication with Tour Customer

We all have heard this quote 

"communication is the key to success".

Communicating with your customer plays a significant role in forming a successful logo. Discussing both the customer and designer's ideas and taking the clients' criticism positively will help design your logos effectively.

In a custom logo design agency, designers' pays attention to their clients' demands and criticism. Similarly, a solo designer should also pay attention to customer opinion.

Normalize Simplicity

It is not necessary to add everything in a logo. For example, adding too many colors and shapes to the logo will cause more confusion to the customers.

Simplicity is the best way to win a customer's heart. Simple logos are easy to memorize and easy to understand.

See Nike, Apple, Coca Cola, BBC, and HBO. All these logos are simple, modest and send their clear message through their logo.

Typography Issue

Using the right font for your logo according to your business is essential because just like companies have personality, the font also have personalities.

Using a handwritten font in a law firm logo will look inappropriate and unprofessional; instead, use Sans Serif, which has a serious personality. Therefore, we can say that typography is industry-specific.

Choosing the right typography for the right businesses is a challenging task, but it can be achieved. It is not necessary to use already existing fonts; you can make your font.

Cliché Images

If you 'reopening a chocolate company, then it is not essential to include a chocolate bar in your logo. However, if you do that, chances are your logo will be lasting the crowd of the chocolate industry.

You can especial characters, symbols, and metaphors that can make relation with your products. It will give your logo a unique, creative, and original look.

Companies prefer custom logo design agencies rather than solo designers because, in agencies, designers work in a group. There is an excellent chance of having a creative and unique use of images.


Use Vector Files

Using vector files for your logos is rewarding because if you want to change the shape, size, or color of the logo, you can do it easily in less time.

For making vector files, you can use adobe illustrator or any other application.

The images you create in Photoshop are in raster files (JPEG, PSD, PNG etc.). When the size of a raster image is increased or decreased, it gets pixilated, resulting in the poor quality of the logo. So, using vector files is more beneficial than raster files.


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